Grow your business globally with a multi-currency / multilingual billing solution

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Multinational, Multi-currency Billing—Simplified

Manage a diverse and complex portfolio across your entire global footprint with BillingPlatform


BillingPlatform enables you to expand globally with the ability to localize your solution to satisfy region-specific requirements and caters to the unique needs of your customers, no matter where they are in the world.

From language, currency, number fields, tax providers, payment providers and more, companies can configure their user interface, pricing, packaging, invoices and other documents with localized support so you can run and expand your businesses globally with confidence.

Multi-Currency | Multilingual Billing

BillingPlatform supports multiple currencies and multiple languages for use across different business units. Define which currencies to use for billing, rating, and reporting, all within our dynamic and flexible platform.

  • Set different currencies for General Ledgers, subledgers, and revenue recognition processes to fulfill your unique needs
  • Handle multiple currencies in a single account and automate exchange rate conversion for rating usage and generating invoices
  • Set specific languages for your user interface, as a system default or most importantly, for your customer invoices

Regional Taxation

BillingPlatform helps you increase business agility while maintaining compliance with tax regulations in all the locations in which you operate.

Calculate simple taxes for products and services within the solution using our out-of-the box tax product.

Our agile architecture allows any field to be sent to the tax engine for efficient calculation for any tax type.

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