Revenue Recognition

Simplify revenue management with automation, accuracy, and auditability

Enterprise-Grade Revenue Management

Automate your revenue management and reduce errors by relying on a single solution to manage all billing and revenue recognition processes

With an all-in-one revenue recognition software solution capable of supporting the entire quote-to-cash process your finance team can easily automate core billing activities without any IT intervention or custom coding.

Automate Revenue Recognition and
Maximize Your Enterprise’s Profitability

BillingPlatform enables finance teams to configure every aspect of revenue recognition so that they can deploy differentiated pricing tactics in any industry or any geography.

Built-in Revenue Recognition

Manage transaction complexity with billing and revenue recognition in a single solution.

  • Assign financial transactions and execute revenue recognition in real-time as events happen
  • Automate core billing activities from invoicing to revenue recognition without any IT intervention or custom coding
  • Adhere to strict compliance with fully auditable tracking of who changed what and when
  • ASC 606 and IFRS 15 compliant

Rule-based Revenue Scheduling

Revenue Recognition offers rule-based revenue scheduling giving finance teams the flexibility to automatically allocate transactions to specific GL accounts then specify how and when revenue will be recognized.

With Revenue Recognition, automatically manage:

  • Standard Selling Price (SSP) allocations and variable consideration adjustments
  • All/future entries for the life of a contract
  • Discounts, usage, renewals, upgrades, cancellations, contract modifications and more
  • Variable considerations

Advanced Recognition

Align Revenue Recognition with your enterprise’s broader business strategy by creating custom revenue milestones and schedules that cater to your unique customer base.

  • Milestone recognition
  • Triggering event, either from BillingPlatform or from 3rd party solution
  • Point-in-time
  • Recognition over time

Advanced Journal Entries

Manage revenue recognition across multiple subsidiaries and geographies through one comprehensive solution.

  • Establish custom rules by currency, geography, and entity
  • Intercompany allocations
  • Dual reporting for different accounting standards (IFRS vs Local GAAP)

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