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State-of-the-art architecture to optimize billing and revenue management for any business

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Unlock Revenue Potential with Our Extensible Data Model

With an open architecture, your data model is fully configurable and extensible, giving you total control

Point & Click Configuration

BillingPlatform is the only solution on the market that puts the power of change in the hands of the business user with no-code, point & click configurability.

  • Design and deliver new products and services faster than ever
  • Extend the solution’s user interfaces, data model and workflows to reflect the way your enterprise operates
  • Synchronize data with other crucial enterprise applications
  • Create custom objects, fields and relationships to capture and organize the data that is the foundation of your business
  • Data configurations are immediately reflected in all connected systems with just a few clicks

Custom Entities & Fields

BillingPlatform’s extensible data model allows users to add any number of objects, fields, and relationships and then apply business rules to support any monetization model.

With this meta-data based architecture, BillingPlatform can be easily configured to create robust product offerings, business rules, workflow, reports, dashboards, rating, invoicing, APIs and formulas to accommodate the specific needs of any enterprise. This flexibility allows companies to quickly modify the application and data structure to respond to market or regulatory changes, saving time and cost.

UI Layouts & Widgets

Giving customers the flexibility to quickly and easily make changes to the solution is a foundation for BillingPlatform. Using standard web technologies, widgets can be utilized to create the ideal user experience for any use case.

  • Create new pages and access them through custom buttons and actions
  • Integrate with external systems to consolidate data into a single view
  • Create widgets to provide extended functionality and display in standard pages for increased productivity
  • Add widgets such as graphs and charts directly to standard page layouts for a rich, dashboard experience
  • Build widgets to manage services and automate repetitive tasks

Deployment Tools

Configuration management is an increasingly important function for all successful enterprise systems. BillingPlatform provides the tools to automate the promotion of changes between your BillingPlatform environments as well as tight change control processes to manage access to each environment.

Using the configuration deployment tool you can create a bundle and deploy it automatically to a development environment and then on to production all with no manual re-keying of data, providing a solid development, test and production lifecycle.

Not only does this simplify operations, it also reduces data entry errors caused by manual input, ultimately saving time in creating, testing, and deploying changes to your system.

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