CCH Suretax Connector CCH Suretax Connector

Providing seamless transfer of data between systems

The BillingPlatform connector delivers a seamless interface to Wolters Kluwer SureTaxⓇ, a cloud-based sales and use tax solution for taxation and regulatory compliance. BillingPlatform and SureTax work together to automate sales tax compliance, as tax and transaction data move easily between both platforms.

The high throughput solution accurately calculates taxes down to the invoice line item level. The solution has the flexibility to calculate taxes automatically based on tax location rules for communication service providers such as interstate/intrastate transactions and tax-exempt customers. The mappings between BillingPlatform transactions and SureTax codes are user-configurable, giving the end-user full control over taxation behavior of existing or new offers.

Cloud-based sales and use tax calculation software

  • CCH SureTax is a comprehensive sales and use tax calculation system that combines industry-leading tax rate and taxability rules with precise jurisdictional information to simplify your collection and remittance, and to mitigate audit risk.

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