2022 Trends in Finance Executive Brief: Perspective on Market Outlook and Strategies for Revenue Growth

February 10, 2022

Looking ahead in 2022, finance executives across every industry are rethinking their revenue management processes. A comprehensive, outside-the-box approach is needed to address changing buyer behaviors, digital transformation pressures, and an ever-changing market landscape. So, how will they do it?

That was the question driving the most recent survey commissioned by BillingPlatform, the leader in billing and finance solutions. Conducted by a 3rd party market research firm, this comprehensive survey canvassed more than 300 financial decision-makers from U.S. businesses with more than $50 million in annual revenue. The survey addressed topics ranging from macroeconomic pressures and strategies that drive revenue growth, to implementing modern revenue management solutions and the specific requirements needed to satisfy the evolving trends in business. We’ve compiled key findings below that you’ll need to prepare for the year ahead.

Read the full executive brief report to learn more today.

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