BillingPlatform Launches Comprehensive Workflow Functionality

December 01, 2015

This new feature automates a virtually endless amount of key business processes, creating a seamless user and customer experience. Everything from subscription renewals, discounts, and credit card expirations, to rate adjustments, taxes, penalties, dunning and much more can be automated on the platform.

Users have the ability to define as many workflows as they need and associate with them an unlimited amount of workflow actions. Workflows activate based on any event or can be scheduled on any time interval required. Automatically send email alerts, start or stop services, or adjust data on an invoice, and integrate with your ecosystem to align billing processes with key functionality.

Comprehensive business logic, formulas, and business rules can be easily defined without having to write any custom code. Seamlessly implement pricing based on any condition, define invoice approval flows, user access based on roles, and custom forms, deploy sophisticated data-based mediation and rating processes, and support any industry-specific functionality you require. The opportunities are virtually unlimited.

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