BillingPlatform to attend 12th Annual Cloud Expo New York City

May 26, 2013

BillingPlatform team is excited to announce that we will be attending the 12th annual Cloud Expo in New York, NY. June 10th-13th 2013.

Cloud Expo is the largest expo to showcase ITs biggest game changers under one roof, Cloud Computer and Big Data. This is the most informative technology shift since the personal computer and the internet, it’s apparent that migrating business to the cloud has reached a tipping point in 2012, where it is no longer a trend but an absolute business requirement.

BillingPlatform will be showcasing the clouds most innovative billing software with our enterprise class billing platform that lets providers of all services mediate, rate, collect, invoice and report their high-value products while offering unlimited opportunities for customization, all in the cloud.

Please stop by the BillingPlatform booth and meet with the team as we are excited to learn about how we can help make your billing a success. We look forward to meeting you!

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