BillingPlatform Named 2022 Blue Hen 17&43 Award Winner

October 07, 2022

Horn Entrepreneurship and the Lerner College of Business and Economics have announced the 2022 Blue Hen 17&43 award winners, an impressive group of Blue Hen-led enterprises. Utilizing a holistic approach to select the recipients, factoring in revenue, growth, innovation and social impact, the businesses span industries from SaaS platforms, Consumer Packaged Goods, Financial Services, Bio-Medical Technology as well as others. For the past five years the Blue Hen 17&43 Awards have brought recognition and accolades for established and up-and-coming businesses.

BillingPlatform is honored to be named among these fast-growing businesses. The Blue Hen 17&43 awards highlight the businesses and social ventures that are creating value, jobs, new technologies, and products while building a better world. To read the full list of award recipients, please click here.


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