BillingPlatform expands its global presence with the successful rollout of its cloud based billing platform to customers in Australia and New Zealand.

September 04, 2012

\Express Virtual Meetings is a leading vendor of teleconferencing services in Australia and New Zealand and needed a scalable, automated, and easily configurable billing solution that would allow the company to expand while focusing its efforts on growing and supporting a superior product offering and providing unmatched quality of service to its customers across the globe.

Express Virtual Meetings has selected to help bring this vision to reality.

“With our company is able streamline our entire billing operation and provide our customers with billing options that were not possible before. Billing in multiple currencies, combinations of usage and subscription charges, multiple billing cycles and invoice formats have provided us with the flexibility we need to focus on growing the business” said SSS RRR, the CEO of Express Virtual Meetings.

“Having a powerful and highly configurable Billing solution is one of the key ingredients for every company’s success. We worked closely with Express to understand their business processes and leverage our highly configurable and flexible platform to deliver a solution that allows for complete automation, form usage collection and mediation, to invoice delivery and ecommerce integration. The solution now integrates with their CRM to create a seemless process from Leads to Provisioning to revenue, and also integrates with their bridging systems to produce charges and invoices in real-time. We are please and honored to help provide such a quality company with an endlessly scalable and highly flexible, cloud billing solution.” indicated BillingPlatform’s CEO, Nathan Shinn.

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