BillingPlatform to support Peerless Network’s Enterprise SIP Trunking services

April 07, 2014

Peerless Network, a premier provider of SIP-based telecommunications services and data center facilities chose’s highly customizable enterprise billing software to handle usage collection, mediation, rating, charging and invoicing for its Enterprise SIP Trunking services as part of their Enterprise Cloud Services initiative.

With over a quarter million active SIP sessions in place, Peerless’ Enterprise SIP Trunking provides seamless integration between traditional and next-generation voice technologies including:

  • IP-to-TDM conversions
  • Local, long distance and toll-free bundles
  • Calling Name Delivery (CNAM) and E911 services
  • Local and National DID (Direct Inward Dial) services
  • Advanced routing
  • 24x7x365 support

The new cloud-based, telecom Billing solution integrates with the Peerless internal inventory and customer management systems to provide automated, billing provisioning to support highly specific recurring billing and business processes. A completely customized product catalog and usage mediation process now hosts a complex and evolving blend of metered and subscription rate structures.

To monetize this new offering, BillingPlatform was configured to combine various recurring billing and overage components to bill for a variety of metered and subscription pricing models and generate unified invoices for high-value, enterprise customers of all sizes.

The system also automates the receivable process by aligning credit card and ACH payment processing with customized invoicing cycles configurable at the account level while providing a customer facing UI for service clients to manage their account and payment methods for a hands off approach that helps Peerless to scale its service offering in this high-growth market.

BillingPlatform’s configurable telecom billing solution made it possible for Peerless to quickly implement a fully-automated, cloud-based invoicing and customer care solution at a fraction of the cost of traditional telecom billing solutions, significantly reducing the risks associated with this new initiative.

About Peerless Network

Peerless Network, Inc. simplifies how networks, devices and people connect.  Headquartered in Chicago, Peerless Network is among the nation’s fastest-growing privately held companies and ranked 97th overall on the 2012 Inc. 500 list. Please visit our website at

About is the industry’s most flexible, high-volume, cloud based billing software for rating any combination of metered, subscription management and ad-hoc services while managing customers, products and rate plans. We make it easy to quickly and accurately implement any pricing and rating model and roll out new products and services so our customers can rapidly turn ideas into cash.

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