Businesses Turn to Revenue Management Pros

January 07, 2022

BillingPlatform came out of the gate as a platform promising to solve the billing problem no matter the model — usage-based, subscription-based, one-time-only or anything else companies could imagine. As the company has grown, it has set its sights on enterprises and integrated revenue recognition, collections, payments and configure, price, quote (CPQ) capabilities.

For now, BillingPlatform focuses on software-as-a-service (SaaS), communications, Internet of Things (IoT) companies and FinTechs. It saw nearly 100% growth year over year in 2021 and it is seeking to partner with companies searching for new subscription services and other models, Dennis Wall, CEO of BillingPlatform, told PYMNTS.

Some companies have technology shortcomings, some have a lot of manual intervention in their processes, some are growing through mergers and acquisitions and must integrate the different billing systems, and some face challenges with revenue recognition and are doing a lot of the processes manually.

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