Floor & Décor Uses BillingPlatform for Invoicing

March 21, 2017

BillingPlatform is excited to announce Floor & Decor, a hard surface flooring retailer with over 70 retail stores nationwide as their new customer. F&D serves homeowners as well as professional contractors retailing its products through its stores in several states across the nation and online.

In order to give their commercial customers the best prices and most flexible purchasing options possible, Floor & Decor offers lines of credit through their preferred credit provider, CIT. The solution was configured to completely centralize and automate commercial billing, credit checks, and related functions by combining and centralizing data from both the POS as well as the CIT systems. It also provided web-based, billing and credit management tools for corporate management for managing the application configuration, invoicing processes, running reports, and servicing commercial customers.

The system eliminates manual invoicing cycles as well as long-winded, manual credit approval processes to create a fluid and intuitive, automated ecosystem supported by powerful reporting and management tools. The solution also delivers intelligent, event-based invoicing to ensure just-in-time delivery of invoices aligned directly with the delivery of goods.

Floor & Décor can now easily scale their commercial credit and retail services with the best possible financing options provided by CIT bank. A once lengthy, manual invoicing process is now completely automated across all stores, nationally and the entire cycle from credit approval, to retail purchases, to invoicing and payment can be managed and monitored in a single, user-friendly, web-based application.

For more information about Floor & Décor please visit: www.flooranddecor.com/

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