From Costs to Customer Insights: How AI Transforms Your Billing Function

June 06, 2024

Dynamic Business: June 6, 2024

Do you know that AI is the ‘next big thing’, but aren’t sure exactly where and how you might apply it in your business?

Or perhaps your leadership team is worried about missing the boat, as competitors harness its capabilities in powerful but unspecified ways? The concern is understandable, given the extraordinary hype and headlines AI has generated over the past 18 months, following the unveiling of ChatGPT, the OpenAI chatbot and virtual assistant that allows users to steer and refine conversations in whatever direction they choose.

While AI technology – computer systems or machines designed to perform tasks that would typically require human intelligence – has been around for years, the immediacy and accessibility of this large language model, generative AI platform has triggered an extraordinary wave of conversations, in boardrooms and C-suites up and down the country.

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