API and Bulk Data Management Tools

February 04, 2012

BillingPlatform has released completely extendable web service API functionality to allow for unlimited integration and customization capabilities. BillingPlatform’s metadata driven architecture is now accessible via a comprehensive, dynamic and easy to use set of APIs as well as Bulk Data Management tools that facilitate and automate integration with provisioning, CRM, Accounting or any other network-accessible system within the enterprise or on the web.

“We are extremely excited about this new functionality. Right out of the gate we had several customers implementing integration with Salesforce.com and Sales Logix CRM enabling them to streamline their sales, provisioning and data synchronization processes. Having a standardized suite of APIs and bulk data management tools allows our customers to have complete flexibility to make our platform a seamless part of their computing infrastructure and leverage the full power of our configurable, metadata-driven design,” – noted the COO of BillingPlatform, Leo Solomon.

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