With the threat of a recession looming, businesses need to be smart, not rash

February 22, 2023

FinExtra: February 22, 2023

Global economic instability, driven by macro events like inflation, the Russia-Ukraine conflict and the ongoing fallout from Brexit, have sparked concerns of an impending recession for businesses in the UK and around the globe. With experts and business leaders alike expecting the worst, the immediate economic future remains a top concern for leading finance executives.

When faced with market volatility, it’s not enough to simply take austere measures- such as tightening budgets or delaying investments- until the economic landscape begins to improve. To retain competitive advantages, businesses must evaluate every aspect of their processes and identify every source of potential revenue to continue to evolve and pivot their business models.

One of the ways companies are preparing for a “survival of the fittest” stretch of economic disruption is the critical area of monetisation and the effect that their quote-to-cash process have on critical metrics…

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