Businesses can triumph through enhancing customer touch points

February 23, 2023 February 23, 2023

Streamlining customer touchpoints is key to driving growth

An essential principle of running a successful business is to ensure that customers are completely satisfied with the service and products they receive. Metrics including Net Promoter Scores (NPS) and Customer Satisfaction Scores (CSAT) are rapidly becoming vital for companies to maintain and grow their customer(opens in new tab) base.

As such, a key part of maintaining business success and consumer satisfaction has become customer touch points. In 2018, Google released a study in which they evaluated a consumer’s touch point journey when in contact with a business. Findings demonstrated that the average customer journey can now range anywhere from as little as 20 to over 500 touch points. Yet, for numerous firms, after initially selling a product or service, customer touch points become restricted, resulting in a lost chance to build on that initial interaction and maintain important long-term customer relationships.

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