A Complete Solution that Grows with You

Looking for an alternative to Recurly
to manage your growing business?

Recurly may say they can accelerate subscriber growth, but beware, these are a few limitations that will prevent your business from the ability to grow and scale without significant custom coding.


Here are a few questions to consider:

QUESTION #1 Is Recurly the best solution to manage the entire quote-to-cash process?

  • Sure, Recurly provides the basics to support your billing needs, but it doesn’t extend to the entire quote-to-cash process. Without built-in configure, price and quote (CPQ) capabilities or automated debt management, they come up short.
  • BillingPlatform is the only enterprise-grade solution that provides full lifecycle support of the monetization process – from product setup, quoting, billing and invoicing to revenue recognition and payments and collections. Learn the cost comparison and benefits of migrating from Recurly when considering a billing solution to manage your business.

QUESTION #2 Is Recurly the best solution to manage my growing business?

  • Recurly can process subscriptions for B2C businesses, but do you also have one-time charges or sell physical products? Do you need to manage customer contracts, account hierarchies or multiple currencies for a single customer? These are critical capabilities if you want to expand beyond selling to consumers alone.
  • BillingPlatform supports any business model you can imagine with dynamic pricing for one-time charges, usage, tiered, subscription, overages, minimum commitments, formula-based calculations and more. Plus, it was built with enterprise-grade capabilities to support multi-level account hierarchies, multiple business entities in one instance and multiple currencies per client, along with unmatched security and compliance.

QUESTION #3 Can Recurly charge and bill for the amount of products and services customers actually use?

  • Recurly may support usage or consumption-based billing, but did you know that you have to send them the usage data from your subscribers? That’s putting a pretty big burden on your shoulders to manage.
  • BillingPlatform comes with built-in mediation and powerful rating capabilities so you can automate the process of gathering data from as many diverse sources as you need and convert that data into revenue, giving your customers the ability to pay only for what they use.

QUESTION #4 What if my business changes, can Recurly change with it?

The ability to configure your solution is a critical design principle that provides for future growth.

  • With Recurly, you get a hardcoded solution with limited options to support your exact business needs.
  • BillingPlatform puts the power of change in your hands with an extensible architecture that supports any business or pricing model and any business initiative, all with no-code, point & click configurability.

Consider the only solution that grows with your business, offering unlimited scale and revenue potential.

BillingPlatform is the most complete, agile and cost-effective enterprise billing and monetization solution on the market. We enable companies to grow by solving business problems rapidly through configuration of the application instead of nickel and diming you with the myriad of inflexible modules offered by other cloud-based systems. Our approach to supporting growth is to offer a flexible platform and a complete quote-to-cash solution so customers can focus on innovation and growth vs. maintenance and development.

See how BillingPlatform stacks up against Recurly and how it will help you grow your business.

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