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Agile Billing is the capability to rapidly monetize new and evolving business opportunities

This means the ability to quickly:

  • Deploy new pricing models and competitive packages
  • Create new products and repackage existing products
  • Enter new industries and support acquisitions
  • Accommodate new business processes.

Read this whitepaper to learn how an agile platform transforms billing from an afterthought, isolated to the back-office, to a powerful tool for modeling and capturing new business.

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Billing systems are one of the primary interfaces between you, your customer, and their pocketbook; as such, it carries tremendous responsibility.

This means, at a minimum, a billing system must:

  • Be excellent at rating, charging, and invoicing.
  • Provide infinite choices to configure and adapt to constant changes in the external environment.
  • Not assume a specific charging model, product line, geography, billing cycle, currency, or customer will remain static over time.

Read this whitepaper to learn what you need in a billing system, and how a billing system should adapt to evolving product portfolios, new customer segments, and new functional requirements to support a changing business.

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"Billers today—who can understand them?” Dunning, proration, refactoring, billing in arrears… need I continue?

To prove our point, we made a billing crossword puzzle. Print it and fill it in. Have your peers in other departments take it, too. Access Now

In this recorded webcast, senior finance leaders discuss sophisticated pricing models that create complex billing challenges, and how they met those challenges.

Learn from the experience of the experts:
  • How to reconcile sophisticated pricing strategies with complex billing processes
  • The real drivers of billing complexity, and how automation and technology can help
  • How different industries have embraced agile monetization to help their businesses
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Video: Benefits of Integrating Billing with Salesforce

This 4-minute video explains how integrating billing with Salesforce can help accelerate revenue generation, save time, and streamline billing operations.

Watch this video to:
  • Hear how an integration improves revenue forecasting
  • Learn the key performance indicators (KPIs) you will be able to measure-- allowing you to make more informed business decisions
  • Understand the benefits of integrating billing to Salesforce for business executives, sales teams, and IT
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Video: How do I incorporate metered or usage-based pricing into my service offering?

There are many ways that recurring products or service offerings can be packaged, priced, and delivered to your customers.

Learn how a flexible system like BillingPlatform can help you:
  • Monetize the data associated with service usage
  • Manage rating and invoices in real-time
  • Be more agile with the ability to quickly create new and creative packaging and pricing models-- no matter the industry
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Video: How do I manage thousands of invoices across different financial periods?

Closing financial periods can involve verification and review of thousands of customer invoices across several different business units or regions.

With BillingPlatform, billing operations can:
  • Examine financial periods in detail and quickly drill down to individual invoices and transactions
  • Process, revise and approve invoices in bulk
  • Close a financial period faster, and more accurately. With BillingPlatform, you can quickly spot anomalies and resolve errors.
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Video: Managing Revenue Recognition and General Ledgers in a Billing System

This video explains how to manage the process of revenue recognition and connect billing to a general ledger in a billing system.

See how a robust billing system can:
  • Automate the process of recognizing revenue and simplify revenue recognition compliance
  • Integrate with downstream ERP and accounting systems
  • Speed up financial period closing processes with real-time general ledger transactions
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