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It’s not uncommon for companies to employ multiple pricing strategies for their products and services. Some may be simple, but business conditions often warrant more sophisticated approaches to value creation.

In this recorded webcast, senior finance leaders from different industries discuss what they have in common: sophisticated pricing models that create complex billing challenges. These executives will share their experiences, strategies, and best practices for managing complex billing challenges, and the dozens of considerations that factor into their decision-making.

  • Share their firsthand experiences reconciling sophisticated pricing strategies with complex billing processes
  • Address the real drivers of billing complexity, and how automation and technology can help address these challenges
  • Answer your questions on how they’ve embraced agile monetization strategies for their businesses
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Agile Billing is the capability to rapidly monetize new and evolving business opportunities

This means the ability to quickly:

  • Deploy new pricing models and competitive packages
  • Create new products and repackage existing products
  • Enter new industries and support acquisitions
  • Accommodate new business processes.

Read this whitepaper to learn how an agile platform transforms billing from an afterthought, isolated to the back-office, to a powerful tool for modeling and capturing new business.

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Billing systems are one of the primary interfaces between you, your customer, and their pocketbook; as such, it carries tremendous responsibility.

This means, at a minimum, a billing system must:

  • Be excellent at rating, charging, and invoicing.
  • Provide infinite choices to configure and adapt to constant changes in the external environment.
  • Not assume a specific charging model, product line, geography, billing cycle, currency, or customer will remain static over time.

Read this whitepaper to learn what you need in a billing system, and how a billing system should adapt to evolving product portfolios, new customer segments, and new functional requirements to support a changing business.

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Video: Benefits in integrating billing with

Tight integration between billing and helps accelerate revenue generation, save time and have smoother billing operations.

In this (<4m) video we discuss the benefits that integrating billing with Salesforce brings to sales, business executives and IT including:

  • Better forecasting and opportunity identification: Understand how much and how soon revenue is being contributed by each customer.
  • Revenue KPIs. Access insights on reoccurring revenue, lifetime value projections, product revenue and outstanding invoices, and receivables timing on an aggregate or per client basis.
  • IT and Development Workload: Reduced IT and development workload based on pre-defined integration pathways and in product functionality.
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Billers today—who can understand them?” can you even argue? Dunning, Proration, Refactoring, billing in arrears… need I continue?

To prove our point we made a billing crossword puzzle. Print it and fill it in. Have your peers in other departments take it, too. Access Now


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