Customer Testimonials

“Because of BillingPlatform’s extensive integration capabilities coupled with an in-depth security and controls library, the company has added new subscription and charge methods, such as automatic renewals, over-consumption charges, and credit on-record features.”

– Magin Arias Colmenero, International IT Services Manager

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“Billing used to be so manual that we were working on billing for the entire month. Now, with BillingPlatform, we’re done within a two-week window easily. I’d say it’s cut our time by 50%.”

– Dane Alexander, Accounting Supervisor

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“With BillingPlatform our invoicing process went from six days down to one. This gives us more confidence in our overall process, more time for internal review and timely delivery of accurate invoices to our customers.”

– Liliana DiazGranados-O’Donnell, Finance Director

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“Zerto’s mission is centered around customer experience, and, as our customer base grows, it becomes increasingly important to ensure a seamless quote-to-cash journey. BillingPlatform will not only be a key driver of operational efficiencies and streamlined operations, it also provides the flexibility to support any kind of billing model to align with customer expectations.”

– Avi Raichel, CIO

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“The ability to automate core operational processes is critical to Valley Irrigation’s digital transformation initiatives. BillingPlatform gives us the billing and monetization foundation to support new revenue channels and reach new customers.”

– Andy Carritt, Vice President of Product Development and AgSense® General Manager

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“While our billing worked, it was overly manual, time-consuming and we wanted more flexibility. So we selected BillingPlatform to transform and modernize it to fuel our continued business growth, deliver better client service and redeploy our finance team’s time on more strategic activities.”

– Glenn Day, CFO

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“We selected BillingPlatform because they are committed to working with PGi on our strategic initiative to overhaul and improve our billing systems. Their platform is improving invoicing processes and gives us the flexibility to roll out new pricing bundles and packages quickly based on customer criteria and market demands.”

– John Perkins, Sr. Vice President Global IT Operations

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“BillingPlatform’s BillingCloud is the only solution on the market that is able to handle our company’s complex billing scenarios without requiring expensive customization. BillingCloud will allow us greater visibility and organization into the billing of our hundreds of franchisees, as well as the ability to manage numerous billing scenarios with greater efficiency.”

– David Pallaschke, CFO

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“We are now much more standardized and controlled. I run a report and BillingPlatform normalizes the data across units within our general ledger. I can answer questions in minutes rather than hours.”

– James Enna, Vice President of Finance and Accounting

“We chose BillingPlatform because they created a flexible, versatile billing solution that helps improve and streamline our financial processes after years of using our home-grown system. Their platform will make Asurint’s invoice process easy for both the accounting team and our clients, and only enhances the unparalleled support and service we already offer that keep our clients happy. Asurint is excited to garner the immense benefits of this new partnership.”

– Brent Sisson, CFO

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