Salesforce Billing Alternative
Subscription & Usage Billing Built to Scale

Looking for an alternative to Salesforce Billing
to scale with your enterprise?

Here are a few questions to consider:

Is Salesforce Billing the best solution to manage my growing business?

Maybe, but with limits.

  • Salesforce Billing is in its infancy and cannot handle enterprise-grade operations. In fact it cannot handle large volumes of data/transactions/usage. They can only process a limited number of usage records per day. If your company needs to process high volumes of data, you will need to integrate to a third party solution to collect and convert that data in order for that to be readable by Salesforce Billing.
  • BillingPlatform supports any business model you can imagine with dynamic pricing for one-time charges, usage, tiered, subscription, overages, minimum commitments, formula-based and more. Learn how BillingPlatform compares to Salesforce Billing when considering a billing solution to scale your business.

Can Salesforce Billing charge and bill for the amount of products and services customers actually use?

With added cost, yes they can.

  • Salesforce Billing has limited usage-based pricing model flexibility, supporting mainly simple recurring revenue and subscription models. In addition, you will have to subscribe to a third-party solution to manage the mediation process—the process to collect and convert raw usage data from any source to turn that data into billingable charges. What does that mean to you? Added cost, added headcount, and another integration adding potential confusion across your systems.
  • BillingPlatform supports dynamic pricing for one-time charges, usage, tiered, subscription, overages, minimum commitments, and more with formula-based pricing and native mediation. With real-time, high-volume data mediation and powerful rating capabilities you can automate the process of gathering data from as many diverse sources as you need and convert that data into meaningful usage, giving your customers the ability to pay for only what they use.

Can Salesforce offer flexible billing cycles?

Not really.

  • Sure, Salesforce Billing can process subscriptions on a monthly basis, but do you need, or potentially want, to bill daily, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-annually or annually?
  • BillingPlatform allows customers to set flexible billing cycles for subscription and usage-based – daily, weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, semi-annually or annually.

Does Salesforce offer a solution to let my customers manage their accounts on their own?

Not without investing in another solution.

  • Salesforce does not have a customer self-service portal, so if you want to offer your customers the ability to view and pay invoices, manage payment methods, view payment history, and update account information, you have to invest in another solution.
  • With BillingPlatform you can give customers the flexibility to view usage, pay invoices, manage payment methods, manage services by upgrading, downgrading, pausing or restarting service, all on their own. BillingPlatform also offers a completely configurable, multimedia help and service center where you can manage FAQs, offer up service articles and help and promotional videos.

Does Salesforce offer an automated revenue recognition solution?


  • Salesforce does not offer an integrated revenue recognition solution. That leaves you with yet another solution to integrate and manage to support the entire quote-to-cash lifecycle of your customers.
  • BillingPlatform offers a rule-based revenue scheduling solution to automatically allocate the most complex transactions to specific GL accounts then specify how and when revenue is recognized. Revenue Recognition from BillingPlatform adheres to strict GAAP and IFRS standards with ASC 606/IFRS15 compliance.

What if my business changes, can Salesforce Billing change with it?

Yes, but with added costs.

  • With Salesforce Billing you get basic billing capabilities. Any additional business needs will require custom code in the form of Apex programming which means you will need to have an ongoing relationship with Salesforce implementation partners to make even basic changes to the product.
  • BillingPlatform puts the power of change in your hands with an adaptable architecture that supports any business model, any pricing model or any business initiative, all with no-code, point & click configurability.

Salesforce May Say They Can Help You Grow and Scale Your Business but Beware, These Are Just a Few of Their Limitations.

While Salesforce offers a number of products and services to help companies manage their business, many of those products just scratch the surface for supporting a growing enterprise operation. That is the case with Salesforce Billing. They may be able to support your billing needs today but will they be able to support the growth you hope to achieve without adding cost and cutting into your bottom-line? Probably not.

If you’re looking for a Salesforce Billing alternative, BillingPlatform is the most agile, cost-effective, cloud solution on the market. We enable companies to focus on solving business problems rapidly through configuration of the application instead of integrating third-party products and solutions to support the entire quote-to-cash lifecycle. Our approach is to eliminate the technology constraints that limit the ability to support any kind of monetization model so customers can focus on innovation and growth vs. maintenance and development.

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