Hybrid Billing

Hybrid Billing

Combine any billing model to maximize revenue potential

Give customers the pricing options they want with the ultimate flexibility of hybrid billing by combining the best of traditional flat-rate, recurring, subscription and lucrative usage-based pricing

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Give customers the pricing options they want


Limitless flexibility

Combine one-time, consumption-based, subscription and formula-based pricing models to create differentiated packages and bundles



Add or change plans easily with point and click configuration and react in real-time to market changes.


Automated usage processing

Gather usage data from any source and automatically assign the rating in real-time for billing, invoicing and reporting


Built to quickly and easily scale

Scale for enterprise-grade volumes of data

Don’t be restrained by one-size-fits-all pricing, hybrid billing sets you apart

Subscription + One-Time Fees

Combine a subscription fee and one-time charges such as ad-hoc product sales, installation charges, late fees, etc.

Subscription + Pay-As-You-Go

Combine a subscription fee with the ability to pay for additional usage of a product or service such as the download of a premium service.

Subscription + Overage

Charge a subscription fee for a set amount of usage; if usage is exceeded, charged for additional usage with flat or variable fees.

Multi-part Pricing

Combine a base subscription fee with a fee for a package of services and charge one-time fees to try a new service.

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