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Unleash your imagination and deploy innovative pricing and rating models to differentiate from your competition

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Launch innovative packages, pricing and promotions faster with a highly configurable product catalog designed to monetize any product, any service, any business model.

BillingPlatform offers the most robust solution to support your unique business requirements. From managing all aspects of an international airport operation to handling massive data volumes for delivery of targeted ads to consumers, we are designed to handle limitless volumes while supporting even the most complex recurring revenue relationships.

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Execute Strategic Sales and Marketing
Initiatives With Precision

Deploy and manage pricing for physical or digital products, services, metered usage or recurring revenue offerings. Generate new revenue streams from any combination of one-time charges, subscription, consumption, hybrid or dynamic billing, all on a single platform.

Product Catalog

Use BillingPlatform’s product and package configuration tools to design and deploy new offerings and manage existing offers that can be customized to industries, target segments, and regions with multi-currency.

Easily monetize and customize offers with tools to manage product and services catalogs, apply discounting rules, define dependencies, make bulk changes to rates, and standardize offerings across each product line for a smoother, consolidated invoicing process.

Pricing & Rating

Think beyond flat-rate subscription offerings and deploy metered usage, hybrid-based or dynamic pricing plans. All in a single solution.

BillingPlatform automates the most complex billing and rating scenarios and provides the tools you need to modify pricing so that your business can evolve over time and reflect the unique way you do business.

Packages & Bundles

With BillingPlatform’s product catalog, creating packages and bundles couldn’t be easier with point and click configuration.

Quickly create new products, manage existing products and contracts, set pricing and discounts and schedule rate changes with our easy to use configuration tools. Then set dependencies and exclusions to pinpoint exactly how and what is sold, saving administrative time and eliminating costly errors.

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