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Case Study for:Glowpoint, Inc


The Company

A leader in cloud-based video conferencing services with more than 1000 customers in over 130 countries around the globe serving over a million videoconferencing minutes every month.



Having out-grown their in-house billing solution, Glowpoint needed a system that could handle a complex mixture of recurring, metered and subscription based charges on an integrated platform that enabled service and order management through to invoicing, reporting and taxation.

The ultimate solution would become part of an extended ecosystem that connected sales through to service delivery and accounting in an elegant, intuitive and integrated system that mirrored and enhanced Glowpoint’s unique business model.


BillingPlatform was able to adapt to Glowpoint’s business model, giving them a order-to-cash solution that was both extensible and easy to manage with the following capabilities:

Order and Subscription Management

With BillingPlatform’s customizable data model, UI and business logic, Glowpoint now has an Integrated UI for Order and Subscription Management that makes it easy to support existing customers while retaining highly specialized Subscription requirements.

BillingPlatform maintains specific data related to each individual order and provides Glowpoint with the ability to group those orders based on geographical locations and Sites.

With the new platform, Glowpoint can manage their customers and services exactly the way they need to in order to support their unique pricing, provisioning and Customer management requirements.


CRM Integration

Glowpoint needed a seamless quote to cash process that would allow sales and service reps to manage leads, create quotes and start the billing process at the touch of a button in a single system.

The solution was to leverage BillingPlatform’s dynamic web services to Integrate with MS Dynamics to synchronize customer data and automate order provisioning through to billing and invoicing. This dramatically reduces operational expenses and allows the sales process to run seamlessly.


Dynamic Pricing and rating

In a competitive market, pricing and packaging often times becomes a primary differentiator in capturing new business and retaining customers. Glowpoint was able to leverage BillingPlatform to support complex and evolving pricing requirements that allow them to stand apart from their competitors and provide great incentives for increased product usage.

Formula and Rules based charging capabilities were leveraged to implement entitlements and conditional rating based on cross-product utilization.

Pricing Templates were leveraged to help reduce the effort in applying rates and setting up rate plans by providing the ability to maintain multiple default pricing layers. This helps ease the provisioning and onboarding process, making it run faster with fewer problems.

Glowpoint was able to leverage the built-in Custom hierarchy and associated rating and invoicing capabilities to support their unique notions of sites and contacts. With this structure they are able to support dynamic pricing at all levels of the Hierarchy and adjust rating and invoicing according to internal as well as customer-specific business requirements.

BillingPlatform’s built-in mediation and usage collection tools allows Glowpoint to route usage data from several different sources at a level of granularity that makes it possible to automate complex and creative pricing models like thresholds, Limits, cross-sell incentives, rate tiers and entitlements. This capability also enables the complete automation of convergent, metered rating and invoicing against a centralized product catalog across widely varying rate plans and rate structures.


Invoicing and Presentment

Highly specialized invoice layouts and data presentment was made possible utilizing BillingPlatform’s built-in Invoice template functionality. The system allows for an unlimited number of highly sophisticated templates that are assignable at the customer level.

The Invoicing tools not only include the ability to group and summarize data across all related elements of the platform but also provides the ability to customize any other cosmetic attribute of the invoice such as page size and dimension, branding, and file format in a highly granular and specialized fashion.

This capability not only allows Glowpoint to present the best face possible to their valuable customers but also allows customers to define the data and layout that best suits their needs - promoting faster payment by reducing confusion and allowing for better cost management.


Taxation and Accounting

BillingPlatform plays well in the vast and growing cloud infrastructure by making its data model accessible dynamically via SOAP and REST APIs. Glowpoint’s was able to achieve a comprehensive, back-office solution by integrating accounting and AR with Netsuite and customized Integration with Avalara to support real-time taxation.

The platform was configured to support specific rules for tax exemption as well as sales tax requirements based on service location using “Pcode” for Jurisdictional taxation rules.


Business Intelligence

At the end of all of the integration, automation, custom pricing and specialized configuration comes reporting to help manage and track business KPIs.

BillingPlatform’s Built-in report builder was leveraged to build centralized reports and dashboards that tie critical aspects of the business such as sales, AR, product utilization and taxation into convenient reports that can be run on demand or scheduled to deliver to specific recipients on a defined interval.

The configuration tools also allowed for centralized, interactive dashboards that make it easy to access customer, account, and pricing information for a 360-degree view and hub for quick and accurate customer service.



With a dynamic monetization solution that fully supports their business model -from order-to-cash - Glowpoint is not only able to streamline their billing, sales, and order management processes but are also positioned to quickly evolve their service offerings to align with new and changing demands.

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