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Case Study:

The Future of Billing for SATELLITE PROVIDERS

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Case Study for:LiveTV Satellite Communications, LLC


The Company

LiveTV Satellite Communications, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of LiveTV, LLC; the world’s leading provider of live in-flight entertainment and connectivity systems for commercial airlines.



LiveTV Satellite Communications needed a fully automated billing solution for invoicing in-flight, high-speed data and telephony satellite services, referred to as “LiveAero”, offered on a variety of private and charter aircraft. With very few, industry-specific solutions for integrating and mediating TAP02-formatted satellite usage data, and even fewer options for rating and billing, the company decided to release a RFP to targeted billing solution providers with specific parameters to satisfy their unique billing, reporting and inventory tracking requirements.

The system of choice would need to accept data from Iridium’s global satellite network and provide billing services to customers for worldwide voice and data traffic for a variety of tiered, subscription and usage rating scenarios. It would also include the ability to track communications equipment inventory as it moves from plane to plane and integrate with corporate SAP financial systems for revenue reporting and taxation software for communications sales tax calculation.

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Also required, and equally important, were user-friendly tools to facilitate tracking of aircraft ownership by tail number, supplying a vital piece of information needed to assist in troubleshooting billing and inventory issues in this dynamic environment.



In less than two months provided a completely customized system that met every requirement presented in the RFP without compromise. Within these two months Live TV had a fully automated, production billing, inventory and customer management system that includes the following:

Usage Collection

Usage Collection and Mediation

The new solution includes an automated integrated with iridium satellite equipment to retrieve raw usage data that is then mediated and routed toward specific products; equipment and customer rate plans. This raw usage is not only parsed and rated for invoicing and charging purposes but is also available for both internal and customer-facing reports that can be created on the fly with simple report and dashboard tools.
Custom Product Catalog

Custom Product Catalog and Rate Plans

The completely customized, product catalog includes Data and Voice Services structured to rate on a subscription basis with tiered overage rating based on usage thresholds configurable at the account-level. The catalog also includes specific, one-time fees and surcharges.

Any product or service can be developed in the new system within minutes and made available to customers through custom rate plans or global rate classes. The product supports rating in any language and currency as well.


Invoicing, AR and Dunning

The System produces invoices in an unlimited number of customer-specific invoice template configurations. It is also integrated with their gateway provider to automatically charge the customer once invoices close on custom invoicing cycles defined at the customer-level.

Live TV Satellite Communications is also able to automate their dunning process by assigning customized communication templates and actions to a specific aging interval based on the customers’ net terms. Any number of dunning flows can be defined and individually assigned to each customer on an individual basis.


Accounting and Taxation Integration

Live TV leveraged built-in Data extract tools to schedule completely customized feeds to corporate SAP systems for financial reporting. The solution also includes a customized integration with Bill Soft for complex communications taxation rating and reporting.


Customized Inventory Management, Provisioning and Tracking

The new system includes custom service component endpoints that mirror the in-flight, satellite communications equipment capturing key identification data that associate this equipment to billable components that generate recurring charges as well as capture metered usage from the satellite equipment and route this data through to custom rate plans in a hierarchical account structure.

The new system gives Live TV the ability to capture detailed aircraft and customer information providing customer support representatives with an easy to use and intuitive user interface for searching Aircraft by Tail number, Account Owner, Contact Number and serial number with the ability to create new, searchable attributes on the fly. The system is capable of tracking historical data about where which aircraft equipment transfers between aircraft and changes in aircraft ownership as well.


Back-office Reporting and Customer Care

Because the system is native to the cloud, it is accessible from anywhere giving Live TV the flexibility to support their customers around the globe. Everything that is customized within the system is done so through its metadata layer making it accessible seamlessly for data entry, customizable searches and lists as well as customizable reports and dashboards.

A robust, role-based security and accessibility model makes it possible to limit what end users can see and do through customizable user roles. This model also provides the ability to expose certain elements of the system to a built-in on-line customer portal for customer self-service in billing presentment, on-line bill payment and customized reporting.



BillingPlatform’s Pay-as-you-go model allowed LiveTV Satellite Communications, LLC to significantly reduce if not completely avoid the risks involved in implementing a new, mission-critical information system. It also provided a guaranteed ROI up front with tiered pricing based on a percentage of billed revenue processed through the system.

The rapid rollout of the initial implementation eliminated any bottlenecks to progress allowing the company to produce bills and charge customers within the first two months of signing. The customizable, metadata-driven, data model; rating engine; and user interface will significantly reduce the time to market of any new product or service ensuring that the system seamlessly scales to meet new demands and evolving opportunities

satellite diagram2 provides a flexible and complete set of back-office, customer management and reporting tools that will allow Live TV to proactively manage, understand and improve customer relationships; business processes and product offerings without compromise today and in into the future without any investment in software, hardware, or additional human resources.

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