Keep Pace with Fast-Paced and Evolving Demand

With our enterprise BillingPlatform, you can quickly implement new pricing and packaging models that keep pace with fast-paced and evolving demand.

With our comprehensive suite of product design tools, you get the results you envision while ideas are still fresh and opportunities abundant.


metered and subscription billing

Metered and Subscription Models

Recurring revenue models are based on two basic charging methods – metered usage and subscriptions. Each has their unique benefits and challenges. Our enterprise BillingPlatform helps you easily manage either type of model and harmonize both into a graceful interplay that allows you to maximize competitive pricing strategies.

Automate high-volume usage collection, mediation and rating easily with built-in configurable tools that let you map, route and rate any type of usage data regardless of format or size.

Manage the complexity of recurring subscription cycles with intuitive and comprehensive tools for handling renewals, terminations, upgrades, downgrades, proration, and extensions.

Monetize usage products using a subscription model with configurable thresholds that allow for overage charging on any schedule that can accommodate and simplify intricate rules for things like rollover and tiered pricing.


Products, Packages and Bundles

The Platform gives you the power to create, provision and manage dynamic packages and bundles that leverage any product combination you can define in your limitless product suite. Whether your strategy is to encourage adoption or to aggregate product delivery to produce better overall sales performance, our enterprise BillingPlatform gives you the tools you need to quickly define the exact features and behaviors you need, on the fly.

With BillingPlatform, competitive pricing packages and bundles are easy to configure, provision and manage and can be as specialized or elaborate as needed to ensure you get the intended results. Handle the complexities of product dependencies, thresholds, pricing incentives, or upsell and cross-sell incentives up-front with your marketing and product teams while virtually eliminating that complexity for your sales, provisioning and support teams - making it easy to adopt new competitive bundles as often as you need to.

Easily manage mass rate and feature changes across highly diverse packages bundles and product offerings with scheduled rate and feature updates using centralized tools that offer the filters you need to pinpoint exactly how, when and for whom changes will apply. Define rules for early package or contract terminations as well as upgrades and downgrades to eliminate difficult decisions and errors for your customers and service representatives.

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