Adapting to the Customer Driven Sales Cycle: The Synergies of CPQ & Billing

August 21, 2023


Sales wants to sell the way customers want to buy – which helps drive revenue – and it’s often realized in enterprise companies by undergoing front office digital transformations – especially including implementing CPQ systems. But what happens when those orders need to be billed?

This can be a headache for the office of the CFO – especially if their billing system isn’t set up to integrate with the CPQ. Fortunately, BillingPlatform’s agile billing system is a perfect match for the handoff from a CPQ solution.

Join us in this webinar for a discussion with Cognizant’s CPQ and Billing experts to learn more about how you can match up these two powerful systems to drive better synergies between the office of the CRO and CFO. Ultimately giving everyone what they need to drive and recognize additional revenue.

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