Aligning AR To B2B Firms’ Business Model Evolutions

May 07, 2021

The pandemic has forced almost every organization to adjust the way they do business. Supply chain disruptions and major swings in customer buying behavior are just two examples of what has driven organizations of all kinds to shift their business models. Shifting the go-to-market strategy is an obvious change to make, but one of the most prominent shifts in the B2B ecosystem is adjusting billing and revenue strategies.

While these initiatives may have accelerated by the pandemic, interest in switching to an online, subscription, or usage-based model has been steadily growing for years amid enterprise digitization and the rise of the B2B service economy. These business models aren’t new, either. But for organizations that have been operating on paper or are stepping into unfamiliar territory as they adjust their revenue collection strategies, the business model shift can be a daunting moment for the accounts receivable (AR) department.

PYMNTS spoke with BillingPlatform CEO, Dennis Wall, who said there are strategies organizations should consider as they migrate into new business models. Read the rest of the story to learn what he shared about how taking the right path can be a make-or-break moment in a company’s digitization journey.

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