Ventana Research | BillingPlatform Enables Quote-to-Cash Monetization

December 13, 2022

Market Perspective by Ventana Research

While the billing software provider market is well-established and mature, a new breed of vendors has emerged. These applications address billing but, more importantly, enable organizations to adopt advanced digital business models, maximizing existing investments in front- and back-office systems.

Founded 10 years ago, BillingPlatform represents a later generation of billing systems that support the needs of organizations with mixed business models. Today, many organizationsVR_Office_of_Revenue_2022_Coverage_Logo are characterized as having or are in the process of adopting a mixed revenue approach. This supports additional revenue and pricing models beyond the traditional, one-time sales models, either through new product and service extensions (think subscription-based accident detection and roadside assistance from car companies) or acquired businesses that are already using subscription and usage-based pricing models. In these examples, working and integrating with existing front- and back-office systems is of major importance, both from an operational point of view in the customer experience but also to create a single, unified data set that is an important source of analytics to better support the customer life cycle. Due to a flexible, unified data model and extensive connector and integration features, BillingPlatform is emerging as a key technology provider for organizations looking to update business capabilities without replacing or modifying existing enterprise resource planning and customer relationship management systems.

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