BillingPlatform Announces December 2019 Product Release

December 12, 2019

Company Significantly Enhances Platform and Optimizes User Experience Further Driving Productivity

DENVER, CO – December 12, 2019 – Leading global cloud-based monetization and billing solution provider, BillingPlatform, today announced its December 2019 release. This latest release from BillingPlatform enhances and further optimizes the innovative platform while delivering the most intuitive user experience available.

BillingPlatform is the industry leading cloud-based software solution that enables enterprises to automate their billing processes. Companies have the ability to support any kind of billing model – from one-time charges, to subscriptions, to usage, and more – and automate the entire monetization process from product conception through revenue recognition, all on a single platform. Regardless of industry, companies can leverage the power of the platform to align BillingPlatform with their unique and ever-evolving needs, through configuration vs. code. BillingPlatform’s flexible, comprehensive solution gives both business and IT the control and accuracy needed to deliver an unmatched customer experience.

Extending the Platform

BillingPlatform is delivered on the most robust software platform available today. The company is committed to continuous improvement which can be seen throughout the December 2019 release. This release adopts the latest cloud-native architecture and extends microservices throughout the application to enhance system scalability, reusability, and stability. Additionally, this release gives customers the ability to efficiently manage even the most complex business models and pricing structures.

Innovating the User Experience

The BillingPlatform December 2019 release provides the most intuitive, innovative user experience available. The development process incorporated extensive input from existing customers and resulted in dramatic improvements to navigation, data access, and resulting productivity. The new release includes predictive look-ups, targeted filters, multi-tab browsing, drag and drop layout tools, and quicker navigation. The new user interface is fully responsive giving users the optimal experience, regardless of device. Additionally, the new user experience delivers complete flexibility in configuration and display of currency and numeric fields.

“BillingPlatform’s December 2019 release demonstrates our commitment to our customer community who plays a critical role in the development of our product roadmap and evolution of our platform,” said Leo Solomon, CTO and Co-founder of BillingPlatform. “This latest release offers significant benefits to customers and their users, focusing on the things that matter most – usability, scalability, and the unique ability to adapt to any billing need or business requirement.”

About BillingPlatform, Corp.
BillingPlatform’s agile billing software solution gives innovative enterprises the freedom to effectively monetize and deliver creative products and services resulting in growth and competitive differentiation. Our industry-leading cloud-based platform adapts to every unique business model and pricing structure. BillingPlatform provides the most complete solution available including billing, revenue recognition, reporting, and other critical financial functions. With global customers across multiple industries including communications, transportation, manufacturing, banking, technology, energy, media, and software BillingPlatform processes billions of transactions and dollars every year, enabling enterprises to grow revenue, reduce costs, and improve overall customer experience. To learn more visit

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