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Multinational, Multi-currency Billing -- Simplified

Global enterprises need a billing system that works for all of their customers in every country. Manage a diverse and complex portfolio of pricing packages across your entire global footprint with BillingPlatform.

  • Localized Pricing Packages - Offer tailored pricing and product catalogs that meet unique customer needs and comply with region-specific regulations.
  • Multi-currency Billing - Manage multi-currency billing across all of your business units through one consolidated solution.
  • Exchange Rate Translation - Translate any currency according to current exchange rates and configure international revenue recognition to meet your organization’s needs.
  • Regional Taxation - Ensure your enterprise calculates tax rates appropriately and complies with global, regional, and local tax regulations.

Localized Pricing Packages Tailored Pricing in Every Geography

BillingPlatform enables you to deploy region-specific pricing that caters to the unique needs of your customers, no matter where they are in the world.


Companies with primitive billing systems must deploy the same, unfocused pricing tactics in every geography. These businesses cannot configure internationalized product catalogs that are purpose-built for certain customers. Additionally, they are unable to expand beyond the regions that they currently support.

Our Solution

With BillingPlatform, deploy and manage pricing and product catalogs across your global footprint with ease. Because we decouple pricing and rate management, you can create packages that are not tied to a single region. Configure unique products, packages, and contracts with different rates and currencies, and expand to new geographies to explore growth opportunities.

Multi-currency BillingManage Global Customers Under One Contract

BillingPlatform enables you to bill in multiple currencies across different business units under a single contract and billing solution. Define which currencies to use for billing, rating, and reporting, all within our dynamic and flexible platform.


Many billing systems require unique contracts or accounts for each business unit in order to deploy pricing with different currencies. For multinational organizations that need to enter new geographies quickly, this is extremely burdensome and slows down expansion efforts significantly.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform can support many currencies simultaneously, even within the same transaction. With our solution, you can deploy tailored multi-currency packages from a centralized platform. Finance teams can even set different currencies for General Ledgers, subledgers, and revenue recognition processes to fulfill their unique needs.


Real-time Exchange Rate Translation Recognize the Value of Your Customers’ Currency

Automatically recognize and translate international revenues with dynamic, real-time currency conversion. BillingPlatform gives enterprises complete flexibility over how they execute currency conversion and makes it easy to bill retroactively according to historical exchange rates.


Manual exchange rate translation is highly intensive, especially for businesses with large global footprints. Those who cannot maintain updated rate tables and automate currency calculations by geography are at a significant disadvantage in the global economy.

Our Solution

With BillingPlatform, you can automate revenue exchange with any conversion plug-in that you choose. Our solution makes it easy to maintain updated exchange rate data tables and bill appropriately according to specific transaction dates. Additionally, you can deliver invoices in your customers’ native currencies, so that they know exactly what they have been charged.

Regional Taxation
Apply Localized Tax Rates on Every Invoice

BillingPlatform’s agile architecture enables finance teams to integrate with external tax engines to ensure that revenue characterization practices comply with global, regional, and local tax regulations.


Meeting tax obligations domestically and internationally can be difficult, especially since regional tax regulations evolve constantly. Global enterprises need flexible billing solutions that can calculate tax rates appropriately for complex pricing tactics in every geography.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s flexible architecture helps multinational corporations easily comply with tax regulations all over the world. Our system integrates with multiple tax engines for automated tax compliance, to efficiently assess revenues and calculate sales taxes, VAT, and GST. BillingPlatform also integrates with many other applications, allowing finance teams to configure tax rates for every invoice and leave taxation to proven experts.

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