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Empower Your Business With a Billing Solution That Flexes To Your Every Need

BillingPlatform is a sophisticated billing solution that adapts to your unique business, industry, and customers. We achieve this flexibility with our uniquely extensible platform.

While other solutions claim they offer “extensible” solutions, only BillingPlatform offers true platform extensibility that adapts to any business in any industry. Thanks to our extensible architecture, you have complete control over your entire revenue management lifecycle.

  • Support any business model and easily configure (in minutes) a new field, page, report, or process to meet your monetization requirements
  • Without IT intervention, extend your organization’s data with powerful APIs and connectors, as well as optimize crucial processes with automated workflows
  • Deploy tailored pricing tactics in any geography, language, and currency, all while maintaining a secure and compliant billing operation

Our solution is built to thrive in today’s fast-moving global economy. Leverage our platform features to configure the ideal billing system for your business.

The Power of the Platform Architecture

BillingPlatform’s agile solution is enabled by three capabilities that work together to offer unlimited adaptability for any business. The following let you tailor every aspect of your billing, from your UI to process automation:

Extensible Data Model

We offer the only platform built on a metadata model, which allows you to customize your billing solution for any strategy or pricing requirement. We empower you to maximize billing productivity by giving you complete control over your organization’s data. LEARN MORE

Workflow Engine

Configure recurring and automated tasks with event-based triggers or timed events, and create workflows based on your business’s unique needs. With our powerful workflow engine, simplify and execute complex billing tasks at scale, saving your organization time and money. LEARN MORE

Dynamic APIs

Create an integrated billing ecosystem and connect with external platforms through our dynamic APIs and connectors. With BillingPlatform, your data is reflected accurately in real time across critical systems, allowing you to glean richer insights about your billing performance. LEARN MORE

The Benefits of True Platform Extensibility

Combining the capabilities of the Custom Data Model, Workflow Engine and Dynamic APIs, we offer the only truly extensible platform.

  • Configure your billing model perfectly suited to your unique needs
  • Extend the platform to support your business model without compromise and without costly custom IT engagements

Just how does extensibility add up to enabling your innovations?
Watch our video to see how platform extensibility helps you streamline operations that exceed today’s expectations and scale for the future.

Key PlatformCloud Features

Extensible Data Model

Gain total control over your financial data with BillingPlatform’s Extensible Data Model. This metadata-driven approach enhances billing workflows and integrations, enabling you to optimize billing productivity for any business model. Take advantage of our open architecture and extend the solution for your unique business. Learn More


Integrate BillingPlatform with powerful tools for managing and extracting data remotely from any system over HTTP. Our platform is architected on the SOAP API, which allows critical front and back-office applications to connect directly to your billing system. BillingPlatform also supports data manipulation language (DML) use so that any changes to your data model are reflected instantly throughout your financial ecosystem. Learn More

Data Transfer & Load

Our flexible platform is architected to extend the system both upstream and downstream with ERPs, CRMs, general ledgers, and business intelligence tools. As the only billing platform that adapts to 100% of business needs, these connectors flex for any industry. Use our plug-and-play connectors to integrate with leading enterprise applications, like Salesforce, or configure your own in our intuitive connector development toolkit. Learn More

Global Support

BillingPlatform can handle any number of currencies – even multiple currencies within the same transaction. The system lets you define rates for various currencies and can bill according to the exchange rate that was effective on the transaction date. BillingPlatform’s system flexibility also allows you to use different currencies than the transaction currency in your General Ledger, subledger, and for revenue recognition if that better suits your reporting needs. Learn More

Security and Control

In today’s market, data security is non-negotiable. With BillingPlatform, you have a secure, cloud-based solution that can adapt to any data privacy standards. Your customer’s data is encrypted while at rest and in transition. Our system also provides the control you need, from setting up audit trails so that you can track when data was changed, who made the change, and who has viewed it since, ,. a single sign-on feature that can be disabled when an employee leaves the company and configurable security parameters to manage who can view or modify data. Learn More

Business Process Automation

BillingPlatform lets you create and automate workflows that support any business model, no matter how complex. With built-in workflow, BillingPlatform enables you to define actions that enhance communications, data quality, and integrations with ERP, CRM, and other third-party tools. Use our solution to orchestrate workflow sequencing and schedule actions involving multiple applications. You can also create batch workflows for time-sensitive triggers and generate crucial reports without any manual work. Learn More

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