Accounts Receivable

Scale your billing operations and confidently manage billions of transactions a day with automated accounts receivable

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Don’t risk the lifeblood of your business’s cash flow

Accounts receivable are a critical part of understanding your profitability and the clearest indicator of the potential revenue to be earned.

If you fail to diligently manage your accounts receivable, you put your business in jeopardy. Unsent invoices and missed payments can lead to a lack of cash flow. Avoiding these issues is easy when you automate accounts receivable to ensure invoices are sent out on time and accounts are flagged when a customer fails to make payment.


Credit and Refunds


Modernize your Accounts
Receivable Process

Accounts receivable from BillingPlatform dramatically improves productivity and reduces outstanding debt by automating tasks and  business processes that streamline the receivables process.


BillingPlatform offers a wide variety of payment methods and cash application functionality on our PCI DSS Level 1 compliant platform. From debit/credit card with a variety of pre-integrated payment gateways to checks, PayPal or ACH.

Automate credit card and ACH payments with SOC and PCI compliant payment gateways and give your customers a fast and secure way to make electronic payments. Or if your customers prefer to pay by check, easily configure lockboxes and quickly and efficiently process thousands of check payments in one transaction.

Increase payment success and decrease involuntary churn with intelligent payment retry and sync with dunning to keep your customers in the know.

BillingPlatform makes it fast and easy to set up the payment methods you require while automating the actions necessary to ensure payment is received and properly allocated.

Credits and Refunds

Mitigate one of the most labor intensive parts of the billing cycle with business rules and workflows to match your organization’s accounting processes for credits and refunds.

With BillingPlatform’s advanced credit and refund capabilities you can combine multiple line item credits onto a single credit memo or issue prior billing adjustments as negative charges on the invoice, all though an intuitive user interface. Transactions are routed automatically to customer balances and GL accounts preserving accurate reporting and ensuring that you and your customers always have an accurate status in your dashboard.


Easily schedule and tailor messaging to keep customers informed of outstanding balances. Create one or many dunning reminders that can be triggered at different times based on reaching predefined thresholds.

BillingPlatform automates the entire dunning process with built-in workflow automation to help you automatically manage late fees, account suspensions and notifications to the customer.

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