Billing Mediation

Transform data from any source to capture revenue from usage consumed with our native mediation engine

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Set Yourself Apart From The Competition

Deliver the pricing models customers want, powered by the automation of built-in, high-volume mediation

Mediation is a critical component for delivering sophisticated pricing strategies. Whether that’s adding usage-based or dynamic pricing models, with mediation, your revenue potential knows no bounds.

Mediate Any Data for Innovative, Usage-Based Pricing Models

Collect and convert raw usage data from multiple sources and leverage that data to diversify your product offerings.

Built-in Mediation Engine

Manage and Automate All Billing Mediation Activities In-house

BillingPlatform provides billing mediation capabilities out-of-the-box to save companies time and money on costly integrations and third-party solutions.  And with the automated, rules-based mediation engine you can easily normalize data, filter out unnecessary usage records, and route information to be rated and billed, all from a single solution.

Robust Usage Data Conversion

Normalize All Usage Data From Any Source in Real-Time

With BillingPlatform’s mediation engine you can gather, normalize, enrich, and route massive volumes of raw usage data of any kind and from any source to enable highly tailored pricing models with the means to scale to meet your growth potential.

Innovative Pricing Models

Deploy Innovative, Usage-based Pricing Models

BillingPlatform’s mediation engine enables enterprises to offer flexible pricing tactics that meet unique customer needs. With our solution, organizations can easily monetize Internet of Things (IoT) services or other consumption-based business models and turn customer usage into revenue.

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