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Your Keys to Success – Flexibility & Automation

Regardless of the type of subscription model you deploy, BillingPlatform offers the flexibility you need to get the most out of your subscriptions.

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Configurable – manage billing cadences, invoicing cycles, pricing tiers, terms, mid-cycle changes, and prorations

Agile – set up and change subscription pricing quickly with point and click configuration

Automated – convert manual processes into automated workflows to improve billing accuracy and efficiency

Subscription Billing Simplified

From the streaming services you watch from your couch to bike-sharing services to ease your commute to managing access to your business software, BillingPlatform subscription-based services offer the simplicity and predictability both businesses and consumers demand.

Flat-rate Pricing

Recurring pricing for a fixed set of features or services

For example:
$9.99 per month for streaming service

Basic Tiered Pricing

Plans with multiple product or features, each with a set monthly price

For example:
Starter Plan$25/month
Basic Plan$50/month
Pro Plan$99/month

Per-user/per-unit Pricing

Pricing based on the number of users or units purchased

For example:
1 – 9 units/user$10/each
10 – 19 units/user$8/each
20 – 29 units/user$5/each


Access to a specific set of functionality for free

For example:
$0 for basic access to service
+ $9/month for additional access or services

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