Subscription Billing

Subscription Billing

Your one-stop-shop for subscription billing (and more)

BillingPlatform subscription-based billing offers the simplicity and predictability both businesses and consumers demand. From streaming services you watch from your couch to bike-sharing businesses that ease your commute, BillingPlatform manages the monetization of your subscription billing services.

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Your Keys to Subscription Billing Success – Flexibility & Automation



Manage billing cadences, invoicing cycles, pricing tiers, terms, mid-cycle changes and prorations



Set up and change subscription pricing quickly with point and click configuration



Convert manual processes into automated workflows to improve billing accuracy and efficiency

Subscription Billing Solutions Simplified

Flat-rate Pricing

Flat rate pricing is the simplest model to deploy with your subscription billing platform, charging a fixed price that does not vary with volume, time of use or any other factor.

For example:

  • $9.99 per month for streaming service

Tiered Pricing Plans

A highly-configurable subscription billing system allows you to charge for different levels of access to your services.


For example: 

  • Starter Plan – $25/month
  • Basic Plan – $50/month
  • Pro Plan – $99/month

Per-user/Per-unit Pricing

Subscription billing solutions don’t have to weigh you down. Easily deploy pricing based on the number of users or units purchased.


For example:

  • 1 – 9 units/user – $10/each/month
  • 10 – 19 units/user – $8/each/month
  • 20 – 29 units/user – $5/each/month


Provide access to a specific set of functionality for free and charge for additional access or services.


For example:

  • $0 for basic access to service
  • + $9/month for additional access or services

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