Usage-based Billing

Usage-based Billing

Usage-Based Billing Software

Move beyond simple subscriptions with usage-based billing. With BillingPlatform, you have the flexibility to bill and rate on any aspect of your products. Clicks, API calls, downloads, seats, text messages, minutes, bandwidth – anything you can think of. Using our robust product catalog, just set the price and usage is automatically converted into billing, invoicing and reports

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Align price with usage and monetize any product or service used


Innovative Pricing

Design the most creative usage based billing models and give customers the ability to pay for only what they use.



Add or change plans easily with point & click configuration and react in real-time to market changes.



Show customers exactly what they’re paying for and align price with value to minimize churn and simplify billing.


Discover the power of built-in data mediation to seamlessly monetize your usage-based billing offerings

Transform data from any source to capture revenue from usage consumed with our native mediation engine.

Usage Processing

Deliver the usage-based pricing models that customers want

Pay-as-you-go Pricing

With our usage-based billing software solution, customers pay for exactly what they use. But gathering usage data for accurate billing can be a challenge. This is why using consumption billing software solution like BillingPlatform allows you to create the differentiated, flexible and personalized offerings that today’s customers expect.

For example:

$0.99 per unit

Customer buys 12 units, they pay $11.88

Tiered Pricing

The right usage billing software helps you deliver tiered pricing (the price-per-unit based on the corresponding tier) with ease. When offering tiered pricing, you can maximize the benefits of metered billing software with the right billing platform. That way you’ll start transforming usage data into revenue potential.

For example:

Amount of Unit                      Price

1 – 100                                     $10 per unit

101+                                         $7 per unit

If a customer buys 250 units they pay $2,050

$10 per unit for the first 100 units ($1,000)

$7 per unit for the next 150 unit ($1,050)

Volume Pricing

Simply put, this is the price-per-unit based on the highest tier reached. Customers are provided pricing discounts based on quantities purchased, and pricing is based on the highest tier the customer reaches during the billing cycle.

For example:

1 – 100                            $10 per unit

101+                                 $7 per unit

If a customer buys 250 units they pay $1,750

$7 for 250 units

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