BillingPlatform enables cloud-based billing for Bizcel do Brazil, leading telco provider in Brazil

November 01, 2012

Like many other applications such as CRM, cloud billing solutions are becoming a favorable alternative to legacy, in house, narrowly focused and inflexible implementations which are traditionally lengthy and expensive to roll out. But the fundamental challenge for any new billing implementation remains the same – The need to integrate, customize and configure systems, data and processes such that the billing system enables the company to move forward vs. becoming a drag on the ability to release new products, services, or initiatives within the organization.

After in depth evaluation of available, legacy and cloud solutions, Bizcel, one of the leading providers of telecommunications services in Brazil, specializing in satellite communications, international phone services and 3G internet access, has selected to enable their ability to monetize a variety of niche products and services to position themselves for long-term, future growth and product line expansions.

“With the BillingPlatform solution, we were able to configure the system to match our exact requirements. We support a large variety of communication products, with customers that require billing in multiple currencies and languages. Our offering produces traffic from a variety of sources and formats that ultimately must be translated to fit a variety of Usage, Recurring, and Non Recurring charging models. In addition, we needed to integrate the solution with our existing SAP and Salesforce applications and processes. BillingPlatform allowed us to replace a very ridged, manually intensive and complex, in-house system with a completely automated, flexible, and hands-free solution in the cloud” – says Mauricio Farias, the CIO of Bizcel do Brazil.

Leo Solomon, COO of BillingPlatform, noted that “Bizcel’s unique requirements and BillingPlatform’s metadata-driven platform allowed this valuable customer to satisfy all of its billing, charging, and product-configuration needs without compromise at a fraction of the time and cost associated with a typical implementation of this scale. This is a direct reflection of our mission statement which is to provide the ultimate freedom to charge and rate any type of product or service in this dynamic, new global economy.”

Bizcel do Brasil, is one of the leading companies in the telecommunications market in Brazil. Founded in 1994 and headquartered in the states of São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Bizcel, has the largest international coverage area, which includes more than 190 countries.

BillingPlatform is a Denver based company offering its cloud-based, BRM (Billing Relationship Management) product for completely customizable, high-volume rating, invoicing, and customer care. BillingPlatform prides itself on its superior customer service and premium quality software products.

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