Subscription Billing Without Limits

Looking for an Alternative to Zuora to Manage
your Subscription Business?

Here are a few questions to consider:

QUESTION #1 Is Zuora the best solution to manage my subscription business?

The answer used to be yes, but times have changed.

  • Zuora was once considered the top subscription billing solution on the market, but recent industry reports indicate that BillingPlatform has caught up to — and surpassed — Zuora’s offering. BillingPlatform was named The Leader in the Forrester Wave: SaaS Recurring Billing Solutions Q1 2023 Report.
  • BillingPlatform received the highest possible score in many categories in the latest Forrester Wave Report, including Product Configuration, Dunning and Collections, Configurability and Extensibility, Security and Reliability and Innovation Roadmap.

QUESTION #2 Can Zuora charge and bill for the amount of products and services customers actually use?

With added cost, yes they can.

  • Zuora may support usage or consumption-based billing, but did you know you have to subscribe to a third-party mediation solution to gather data from external sources and then transform that data so it’s readable by the billing solution? What does that mean to you? Added cost, added headcount, added confusion across your systems.
  • BillingPlatform comes with built-in mediation and powerful rating capabilities so you can automate the process of gathering data from as many diverse sources as you need and convert that data into meaningful usage, giving your customers the ability to pay for only what they use.

QUESTION #3 Can Zuora manage customer debt and collections?

With limited functionality that only scratches the surface, yes but…

  • With Zuora, you get a collections module that is built outside of the core billing solution so you are responsible for making sure all of the endpoints and connections are working in sync. Plus their solution only scratches the surface to track delinquent accounts.
  • BillingPlatform automates the entire collections process from identifying accounts past due, to assigning collection tasks, to monitoring if a customer follows through on a ‘promise to pay’. All to ensure no accounts fall through the cracks.

QUESTION #4 Does Zuora offer a solution to let my customers manage their accounts on their own?

With limited functionality, yes but…

  • Both Zuora and BillingPlatform offer a customer self-service portal to view and pay invoices, manage payment methods, view payment history, and update account information, but only BillingPlatform gives you the power to do more.
  • With BillingPlatform you can give customers the ability to upgrade, downgrade, pause or restart service and see service usage and billing analytics. We also offer a completely configurable, multimedia help and service center. There you can manage FAQs, offer up service articles and promotional videos.

QUESTION #5 Does Zuora offer automation to manage my business processes efficiently?

With additional cost and limits on the number of tasks you can perform, yes…

  • With Zuora, workflow is an add-on product that comes at an additional cost. There is a set number of yearly tasks, and it requires an additional purchase for any workflow tasks beyond that limit.
  • BillingPlatform includes a workflow engine in the cost of the core platform and does not limit the tasks you can create by year. It also offers easy point and click configuration so setting up and automating business processes is a breeze.

QUESTION #6 What if my business changes, can Zuora change with it?


  • With Zuora, you get a predefined solution that dictates how you do business.
  • BillingPlatform puts the power of change in your hands with an adaptable architecture that supports any business model, any pricing model or any business initiative, all with no-code, point & click configurability. Learn how BillingPlatform stacks up against Zuora on key capabilities to help better manage your business.

Zuora may say they are easy to use and easy to set up but beware, these are just a few of their limitations.

If you’re considering a Zuora alternative, BillingPlatform is the most agile, cost-effective, cloud solution on the market and was recently named the top billing solution by both Forrester and Ventana Research. We enable companies to focus on solving business problems rapidly through configuration of the application instead of wading through a myriad of inflexible modules offered by other cloud-based systems. Our approach is to eliminate the technology constraints that limit the ability to support any kind of monetization model so customers can focus on innovation and growth vs. maintenance and development.

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