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Keep business executives, partners and customers happy with the data and analytics they need on demand

  • Key performance indicators - Use BillingPlatform to provide essential information on recurring revenue with insight into forward-looking metrics to help plan for cash flow predictability.
  • Scheduled custom reports - BillingPlatform can define and schedule reports in a variety of formats, including executive notifications, marketing and product management requirements, accounting ledgers, and audit needs to customer requests.
  • Role-based dashboards - BillingPlatform lets you design custom dashboards with appropriate information for operational, financial and business roles, making access to this information timely, relevant and convenient.
  • Business intelligence support - Whether using native capabilities or pairing with other analytics systems, BillingPlatform delivers the accurate data you need for decisive strategic planning and forecasts as well as better customer engagement and retention.

Key performance indicators

Foster better decision making with built-in tools to report on a wide variety of financial metrics, placing graphic elements such as charts in context for superior clarity and decision-making support.


As new offerings based on subscription, usage and recurring revenue are launched, business and financial executives can find themselves bogged down in manual efforts to report on appropriate metrics.

Our Solution

Rather than relying on inadequate GL and ERP reports, BillingPlatform delivers information on key performance indicators such as usage trends, annual or monthly recurring revenue, customer lifetime value, renewal rates and churn.


Automated custom reports

Design and deliver complex, detailed and summary report data to key personnel, or interact as needed with other operational systems using comprehensive report scheduling tools.


Successful reporting is always dependent on the quality and organization of the data; traditional systems have rigid hierarchies with limited ability to access in-depth information.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform extends the data model to conform with your business model and can report on any data element while providing many out-of the-box reports including customer segmentation, product usage, invoice aging, payments and credits, sales rep performance, taxes, fees, and more.

Role-based dashboards

Present custom dashboards and reports with up-to-date information on any chosen object and chart in context anywhere in the application so that the information relevant to specific records is apparent at a single glance.


Simple subscription billing systems don’t allow you to create highly customized dashboards and have highly restrictive viewing permission capabilities – slowing access to timely information and creating bottlenecks for management requests.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform’s dashboard wizard makes it easy to create powerful customized, role-based views with robust security, providing real-time information for internal operations. BillingPlatform can even enable account-specific dashboards on external-facing portals to help with customer support.

Business intelligence support

Harness the wealth of data available to create business value with actionable information about customers, real-time quantitative analysis for current performance management, and predictive analytics for modeling future outcomes.


Recurring revenue business managers report that efforts to increase revenue are often hampered by incomplete information or the inability to adjust to changing reporting needs.

Our Solution

BillingPlatform reports on every data element and handles high volume analysis with built-in tools including filters, pivots, and summary functions while also provide extracts to your data warehouse, scorecard applications and analytics suites.


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