Account Management

Build and maintain healthy, long-term customer relationships with extensive account management capabilities

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360° view of customer accounts

Don’t limit customer service, sales or finance with a snapshot of customer account details instead of the complete picture.

To provide the best customer experience, you need to stay on top of customer accounts with full access to account information, enabling you to successfully manage customer relationships, customize payment terms, identify receivables trends, all to ensure the health of your accounts.

Account Overview

Account Hierarchies

Billing Management

Customer Portal

Improve Customer Management
and Retention

Your customer accounts under your control. BillingPlatform enables you to easily view billing details at the account level to manage customer accounts, customize payment terms, and quickly see aging accounts.

Account Overview

BillingPlatform offers extensive, yet flexible functionality that helps your account managers stay on top of their accounts and provide excellent customer service.

With a complete view of account detail and customer activities your team has the data at their fingertips to help identify aging accounts, payment trends, examine payment history, make changes to billing terms, and more so they can provide an outstanding customer experience.

Account Hierarchies

BillingPlatform provides powerful account hierarchy capabilities to manage the most complex enterprise business with complete flexibility in how you define hierarchies, set default rates and manage the entire rating process. We allow your smaller business units to easily exist as separate sub-accounts of their larger, parent companies.

Additionally, BillingPlatform lets you define default rates and manage different rating scenarios for sub-accounts. Set up wholesale and retail rates with ease for end customers and manage the retail rate independently of how it was charged.

Contract Management

BillingPlatform offers the flexibility to easily manage contract rates and payment terms. Set customer specific pricing, define rules, define rate classes by currency, and create account hierarchies all in the same system that manages billing, invoicing and payments.

Not only can you manage multiple contracts and terms within an account you can apply multiple currencies within the same contract and send consolidated invoices based on configurable rules.

BillingPlatform also lets you schedule rate changes according to future contract terms to avoid missed deadlines and terms that go unfulfilled.

Customer Portal

Give customers on-line and real-time access to view account information and invoices, and make payments with 24/7 access from a computer, tablet or mobile device, and give customers the power to help themselves.

With the ability to brand the portal at the user level, you can offer a personalized experience for your most important customers.

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