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Glean valuable insights, analyze and optimize billing performance so you can plan for the future

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Reporting and Business Intelligence in One

Enterprise operations require systems that enable informed decision-making. Access to the most granular billing data is the only way finance teams can assess the health of the business.

To have a clear view of overall business health, finance teams need to optimize billing performance. It’s critical to have in-depth reporting capabilities with the agility and flexibility to slice and dice billing and usage data. This includes having tools to extract meaningful information at scale, translate those findings into actionable strategies and easily share within your organization.




Harness Data
Turn it Into Insights

Billing performance at your fingertips. BillingPlatform comes with powerful reporting and business intelligence tools that enable finance teams to evaluate the important data points that lead to successful billing operations.


Reports are an integral part of knowing how your business is performing: what’s selling, what brings in the most revenue, outstanding invoices, etc.

With BillingPlatform’s extensive reporting capability, you get access to a wide range of ready to use reports as well as a full suite of tools to build your own. These tools enable enterprises to create consolidated, custom reports and dashboards. Easily manipulate data, apply filters, create pivot tables, and automate complex calculations. With this capability, enterprises can harness the wealth of information to discover cost savings or revenue potential or to identify issues requiring attention.


BillingPlatform’s dashboards feature is designed to deliver information about your business in a quick and convenient way.

The dashboard wizard makes it easy to create powerful customized, role-based views with robust security, providing real-time information for internal operations. Add charts and graphs anywhere in the application to help with customer support.

Present custom dashboards and reports with up-to-date information anywhere in the application offering relevant insights with a single glance.


Many businesses are capable of collecting large volumes of data. However, few are equipped with the tools they need to extract meaningful information at scale and translate findings into actionable strategies. BillingPlatform empowers your enterprise to execute analytics on any data element to derive insights that drive business success. All so you can optimize billing performance.

We make it easy for you to define, analyze, and evaluate important metrics that are specific to your business, like customer churn, month/month variances, capacity, and revenue growth. Create custom filters to enable analytics on any variable that you want to study more closely.

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