Custom Reportsand Dashboards

Our billing solution provides the ability to create custom reports and dashboards to give you and your customers critical information anywhere on-demand.

Summarize these reports into revealing charts and graphs to provide dashboards on any metric your business finds valuable.


Present Reports and Dashboards Anywhere

Present reports and dashboards anywhere in the application to make access to this information relevant and convenient. Your custom reports and dashboard can be made to respect context so that as you navigate your application, the information relevant to specific records is given new life through a context-sensitive dashboard. Expose custom charts, graphs and reports to your customers and partners in their portal to ease your support burden and enhance your level of service.


Metadata Infrastructure

BillingPlatform’s metadata infrastructure provides the intelligence to let you leverage your valuable product, sales and revenue data along with every customization you build onto the application. Build custom reports based on any standard or custom object and relationship in the system.

metadata infrastrucutre

High-Volume, Schedulable Reportsand Data Exports

Automate the delivery of complex detailed and summary report data to partners, customers, key personnel, and systems using comprehensive report scheduling tools.

Enhance BI processes by supplying data extracts to your data warehouse. Keep partners and resellers happy with filtered extracts of usage and financial data to help promote transparency and business continuity. Give business customers the information they demand to promote your unique and harmonious relationships.


Scheduled Reports

Use our billing solution to schedule reports for delivery in support of executive notifications, customer requests, or even data integrations with a scheduling interface that lets you define email or FTP targets for rollup or summary data in a variety of formats.

configuration tools

Report Configuration Tools

Our built-in report and dashboard tools make it easy to configure and access rich tabular and graphic reports and dashboards. Easily utilize our billing solution's security model and data filters to ensure that only the data appropriate to the targeted audience is exposed at any given point in time.

Use the dynamic application navigational structure to expose dashboards in the context of current records. For example, easily create customer-specific dashboards that managers can effortlessly access and review while accessing customer records or expose customer-specific reports on your customer portal to help encourage self-management and lighten the support load.

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