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Customer Self-Service – It’s More Than Just Paying a Bill

December 21, 2020

In today’s online environment, it’s more important than ever to consider better customer service as a tool for retention. According to Forrester, even before the pandemic, 88% of contact center decision-makers predicted that self-service volumes would increase in the next 12 months. What better way to do that than giving customers control over their service experience?

While we’re all used to being able to check our balance and pay our bills online, but have you considered going to the next level by giving customers the options of:

  • Canceling or temporarily pausing service?
  • Providing a date range within which to temporarily suspend service?
  • Upgrading or downgrading service to better fit current needs?
  • Offering suggestions for upgrading and cross-selling based on usage?
  • Providing self-help videos and FAQs?

With the extensible customer portal templates and self-service console from BillingPlatform, you can give customers the freedom to manage their existing subscriptions and purchase more, without ever having to contact you. By delivering a personalized customer experience you can proactively lower churn and keep customers engaged and happy.

Flexible Configuration Built-in

The fully configurable platform lets you decide what options make sense to you. Unsure about giving your customers the option to pause service because you’re afraid they may never come back? No problem. Just set the option to pause for a certain period of time and service will automatically restart on the date set by the customer.

Have a new promotion or want to keep the customer in the know about new and exciting things happening in your company? Simply add it to your home page for customers to learn about and be sure to involve your customer service team.

Engage Customers With Better Communication

With configurable, multi-media content about your products and services, you can keep customers informed with the latest and greatest with information at their fingertips.  This could include self-help videos, product FAQs or ‘did you know’ content that further promotes the existing value that the customer may not be leveraging because they don’t know it exists.

All this with easy setup and maintenance!

Learn more about the customer self-service features you can enable from the BillingPlatform Marketplace, and see how digital customer service can play a role in enhancing your customers’ experiences.

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