Product Update – Enhancements to Leading Cloud Billing System

December 17, 2019

We are excited to announce our December 2019 release. Offering significant improvements to the overall user experience, the new release was designed to increase productivity and enhance our platform architecture, which has been called the most robust, cloud-based billing solution in the marketplace today.

We evaluated market trends and gathered input from our customers to learn what we needed to focus on going into the new decade. Below, we offer an in-depth look into the latest and greatest version of our billing solution.

Optimizing the User Experience

The latest release introduces new functionality and smooths the overall user experience. We wanted to make it easier than ever for our customers to navigate the system, customize billing to their unique needs, and deploy pricing tactics that their customers love.

We have done this in the following ways:

  • Reducing the number of clicks required
  • Offering predictive lookups and filtering
  • Adding a multi-tab browsing capability
  • Creating a drag-and-drop page layout tool
  • Rolling out a mobile and tablet responsive UI
  • Allowing for region-specific formatting of numeric and currency fields

Fewer clicks

We’ve made it quick and easy to revisit previously viewed pages, in addition to hierarchical data structures. To do this we’ve added a Recently Viewed history panel to our user interface, eliminating the need to click back through many pages to find a specific one. We’ve also created intuitive page hierarchies to improve the navigation experience.

Lookups and filters

We added a Search feature to our platform that predicts and auto-populates suggestions based on user inputs. Our clients can now find what they are looking for much more efficiently. Heavy users will find that they save significant time searching BillingPlatform for the information they need.

Multi-tab browsing

We now enable users to open multiple tabs connected to the same instance of BillingPlatform. Any link can be opened in a new tab, including those in the new Recently Viewed history panel and hierarchical navigation.

Drag-and-drop layout tool

Our new drag-and-drop page layout function allows you to create intuitive views of your customer details. Maximize the amount of information presented in the interface with configurable multi-column layouts. You can also edit a layout without disrupting other users in the system.

Mobile and tablet responsiveness

We know many of our enterprise clients and their customers engage with BillingPlatform through mobile and tablet devices. Therefore, we put significant time and energy into ensuring our application is entirely responsive.

Our software solution automatically adjusts to screens of various sizes for internal and external users. The customer portal is now more mobile-friendly, enabling end users to view invoices and make payments directly on any device.

Numeric and currency field configurability

We’ve increased configurability for our platform’s numeric and currency fields. Users can define precisely how they want currencies and values to appear in the user interface, making location-based formatting much more convenient.

Enhancing the Underlying Technology

Our December 2019 release also includes enhancements to our solution’s underlying technology.

BillingPlatform is committed to continuous improvement and optimization of the platform to support the unique needs of our clients. We owe our solution’s agility to the latest cloud-native architecture and the extension of microservices throughout the application.

With the new release, our system is more stable, extensible, and productive than ever before. Our solution’s architecture is also more fault tolerant and capable of much higher throughput, which will continue to be important for next-generation consumption billing models.

Other features recently added make complex subscriptions easier for users to manage including the ability to establish co-terms to sync subscription renewal dates, implement mid-cycle subscription quantity changes, and mediate high volumes of usage data.

We also made improvements to our rating algorithms to support advanced pricing scenarios and added new revenue recognition features. Finally, we’ve further optimized BillingPlatform’s underlying code so that our solution can process tremendous volumes of data with ease.

A Future-Proof Billing System

Our December 2019 release is the most sophisticated, future-proof version of BillingPlatform yet. With our solution, clients are more empowered than ever to create and manage disruptive business models and pricing scenarios that meet end users’ deepest needs.

Already, BillingPlatform is the most agile, complete, and customizable billing application in the market. We’ve further differentiated our product by listening to our customers and anticipating how Digital Transformation will continue to impact enterprises going forward. Take BillingPlatform for a test drive with this 14-day trial.

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