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Subscription Billing Management Software Webinars Available

October 25, 2019

Valuable subscription billing management software webinar content from BillingPlatform is now available in a new, AI enriched channel: BrightTalk. There the BillingPlatform community benefits from on-demand and live webinars for topics like “How Panera Bread Automated Manual Billing Processes” to “Become a Value-Added Controller.”

BrightTalk allows thousands of thought leaders to share their insights and most current knowledge with professionals all over the globe. BrightTalk Academy includes webinars and videos that provide learning opportunities with free B2B marketing talks, events, and online resources featuring top marketing visionaries.

Subscription Billing Management Software Talks Available Now

BillingPlatform has its own channel on BrightTalk, providing subscription billing management software webinars of interest to the billing, financial and software communities. Webinars in the channel help the community discover how BillingPlatform helps enterprises embrace digital transformation through the cloud-based billing platform. Each webcast demonstrates the agility and ease of use the BillingPlatform solution can offer an enterprise’s billing function.

BillingPlatform transitioned to BrightTalk because it is an innovative social network that will help us educate our communities of interest. They also allow BillingPlatform to further engage with billing industry thought leaders. The next webinar, 3 Enterprise Requirements for Making Money in IoT is a joint, interactive session co-hosted by MachNation. The webinar will explore enterprise requirements for making money in IoT and highlighting an exciting IoT success story.

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