Make Better Sales With Dynamic CPQ Engine

July 29, 2016

Companies with a large or growing list of products and services need an efficient tool for managing their offerings, promoting up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, and guiding sales teams to speed sales cycles and assure each sale is as profitable as possible. But no two companies are exactly alike, this means a CPQ (Configure Price Quote) tool should have the ability to be tailored to fit your unique business model – seamlessly.

Whether you sell simple or complex products, BillingPlatform’s fully featured CPQ engine allows you to easily configure a process that guides sales people to produce better quotes and close more deals, faster. Fully integrated with it’s dynamic billing system, BillingPlatform CPQ can reference any billing-related data element (products, pricing, invoicing, accounts, etc.) to create the perfect Price Quote system that fits seamlessly into any business process.

BillingPlatform provides complete support for the sales process – from quote to cash. Features of BillingPlatform CPQ include optional and required add-on support, up-sell and cross-sell suggestions, a dynamic pricing engine with configurable pricing and discount rules, definable workflow and approval processes, and much more.

BillingPlatform makes it easy for sales people within any industry to navigate through a complex sea of products and services; offer upgrades for eligible products; sell complementary products; and offer dynamic promotions and discounts – quickly – to take full advantage of each lead opportunity before the competition. BillingPlatform makes selling complex products and services easy, allowing the enterprise to maximize every sales opportunity and align with a common vision for sales and marketing.

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