Get More With BillingPlatform V8

September 25, 2018

The most agile billing platform on the market just got even better today. We’ve been working hard to add new features to our solution that enhance monetization options, boost security and compliance, and improve the customer experience.

Across nearly every industry, there is massive disruption being caused by new and unique ways of monetizing offerings. As a result, enterprises are evolving and demanding solutions that can support their complex requirements and changing needs.

We help you succeed all while making the journey to success as easy as possible. That’s why we are excited to announce general availability of BillingPlatform V8. Here is a sampling of the key features offered in BillingPlatform’s latest release:

More Monetization Options

  • You’ll benefit from a predictable stream of revenue with our new revenue commitment feature. BillingPlatform V8 automatically enforces contractual cost or consumption obligations so you don’t have to bother with manual processes.
  • Save time with our new payments reconciliation feature for customers that need automated lockbox or third party receivables processing. BillingPlatform V8 now gives you more visibility and control of your accounts receivable pipeline for enhanced cash flow management.


Enhanced Customer Experience

    • Save huge amounts of time and eliminate errors with the new mass rate modification feature. Now, you have the ability to mass manage product and contract rates provisioning and updates. This is essential for any large enterprise.
    • With our enhanced integration with Salesforce, we now support any type of customization done on your Salesforce instance through a simple user interface. BillingPlatform V8 also provides faster and more reliable automated bidirectional data synchronization between Salesforce and BillingPlatform for accounts, contracts, pricing, quotes, and more.
    • Lower your costs by invoking optimal payment gateways that are dependent on a customer’s region or charge type by using our payment gateway enhancements. BillingPlatform V8 can intelligently route charges to multiple gateways so you don’t have to manage the process.
    • Take advantage of a more powerful mediation system with our repeat usage processing feature. BillingPlatform V8 provides smarter mediation that doesn’t rely on downstream systems for deduplication and aggregation and avoids double billing your customers.
    • Improve your revenue forecasting and trend management with our invoice estimates. You’ll be able to preview certain charges throughout the month which eliminates those end of month or end of quarter surprises.



Improve Compliance and Security

  • Gain tighter control and security over your accounts receivable with our credit adjustment approvals feature. Your users won’t be able to post credits in excess of their assigned limit.
  • Achieve better visibility of log data for faster configuration troubleshooting through our new log analyzer feature. BillingPlatform V8 gives you a search engine-like experience which provides a unified search page where you can access log files for APIs, workflows, applications and single sign-on modules.


With every new release, BillingPlatform is solidifying its place as a world-class cloud-based billing platform that has achieved 100% customer success. We pride ourselves on making the complex simple. If you have any questions about BillingPlatform V8 or would like to see the product in action, let us know. To learn more about BillingPlatform, visit https://billingplatform.com or contact us here.

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