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How Disruptive Innovation is Reshaping Finance and Revenue Management

August 04, 2020

If someone asks, who is the most conservative, risk-averse team at your company, most people will answer in unison, “Finance.” However, technological change is impacting everyone at an accelerated pace, especially finance professionals. Innovation is becoming both the most creative and the most disruptive force in today’s financial ecosystem. As a result, disruptive innovation in Financial Technology (or FinTech) is changing the face of finance and driving new business models for enterprises around the globe.  

What Is Disruptive Innovation?

Every day CFOs and other senior finance professionals are looking at customer intelligence to predict revenue growth and profitability. They are continuously focused on cyber-security, with over 65% stating it is their top concern. Looking to launch new technology-based revenue streams, CFOs want to enable monetization of IoT, AI, shared business services, and new pricing models for its products and services. 

A decade ago, long before it was even called “disruptive innovation” BillingPlatform was launched, delivering the most impactful, innovative, and disruptive billing and revenue management solution ever seen in the market. Since that time, we’ve partnered with many enterprise customers, delivering cloud-based technology solutions that reduce costs, increase productivity and efficiency, and most importantly, drive revenue growth. Our passion to deliver solutions for ever-changing business challenges motivates us to be constantly innovating new capabilities that “Wow” our customers and allow them to win in their respective markets. 

BillingPlatform was the first cloud-based monetization software solution to offer a truly configurable platform combined with an extensible data model. This foundation has allowed us and our customers to build out and deliver innovative solutions for collections, revenue recognition, and usage mediation. This disrupts “the way things were always done” while automating error-prone and expensive manual business processes. Furthermore, it accelerates product launches, reduces costs and resource requirements, and delivers measurable improvements in customer experience.  

Now Announcing The Innovation Lab Forum

We are always looking for the next disruptive innovation and to accelerate that goal, BillingPlatform has launched the Innovation Lab Forum. We’ve engaged with multiple resource channels, to bring together this diverse group of smart, engaged “finance technologists” to focus on problems and solutions that are critical to their success. The Innovation Lab Forum is the perfect platform for idea exchange, discussion of best practices, and delivery of new emerging innovations into the lives of our customers. We just launched the forum this year and already we have disruptive innovations that are making our customers say, “Wow!”

Learn more about how you can tap into the community,  join the discussion, and embrace disruptive innovation.

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