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What are the Benefits of Salesforce Billing Integration?

July 08, 2021

Regardless of your business model – software as a service (SaaS), recurring revenue, subscription, or a combination – it takes a number of systems to keep your business running efficiently and effectively. One such application that is essential to the health of your business is customer relationship management (CRM). As the term implies, this technology helps you to better manage your customer (and prospect) relationships across marketing, sales, digital commerce, and customer service interactions. Chances are you already rely on CRM technology to connect with customers, streamline processes, and improve profitability. However, you’re only reaping a portion of the benefits if it isn’t integrated with other applications in your stack such as your billing system. Salesforce billing integration is a critical piece that many companies often overlook.

The Benefits of Salesforce Billing Integration

Named the #1 CRM provider for seven consecutive years, Salesforce continues to be the global leader when it comes to CRM technology. As a standalone system, it certainly delivers value. However, when integrated with other applications it becomes a powerhouse of information. One that enables you to discover new insights, improve the sales process, increase operational efficiency, and enhance the customer experience. Let’s take a closer look at the 10 benefits of Salesforce billing integration.

  1. Improve forecasting and identify opportunities more precisely. This is done by providing sales reps with a view into the amount and timing of revenue per customer.
  2. Get a complete revenue generation picture on each account. This includes syncing invoicing, product usage, and payment data to Salesforce’s quotes, opportunities, and accounts.
  3. Generate revenue automatically – as soon as the deal is won – by capturing revenue efficiently.
  4. Roll up revenue metrics for a complete view of revenue per client as soon as invoices and activities are rated inside Salesforce.
  5. Provide your executives with immediate, on-demand access to recurring revenue, customer lifetime value projections, product revenue, outstanding invoices, and receivable timing.
  6. Give customers a seamless experience with a single source of the truth that incorporates customer data, billing, and invoicing.
  7. Enable customer service teams to quickly resolve issues and improve upsell results with a 360-degree view of customers.
  8. Improve efficiency and reduce human errors by eliminating the need to input data to disparate systems.
  9. Improve workflows for all your customer-facing teams.
  10. Simple integration to Salesforce with BillingPlatform’s open integration framework.

By taking advantage of integrating your billing platform with Salesforce, your customer data and actions are available in real-time. Ultimately that means you’ll be able to deliver a more personal customer experience.

Why Salesforce CRM and BillingPlatform?

As a Salesforce partner, our Salesforce Connector provides seamless synchronization for a single and holistic view of the customer – from their purchase history and preferences to every interaction with your business. We provide a sophisticated yet simple monetization solution that can handle change, complexity, and any combination of pricing models you develop. Our solution enables you to quickly and easily:

  • Add or delete fields with point-and-click configuration
  • Manage subscriptions, usage-based billing, and physical product transactions
  • Generate new revenue streams by quickly launching new products and services
  • Handle complex customer contracts with multi-tier account and product hierarchies

Aligning business processes through integration has never been more important. With Salesforce billing integration you’ll have the ability to streamline workflows and processes  – from sales and customer service to provisioning and invoicing through revenue recognition – reducing errors and revenue leakage.

Start Reaping Integration Rewards Today

Building a completely integrated financial ecosystem requires seamless integration of service delivery systems, financial systems, CRM, enterprise resource planning (ERP), business process management (BPM), inventory management, and more to automate the end-to-end billing and revenue management processes.

With BillingPlatform, you’re able to effortlessly extend your tech stack using native application programming interfaces (APIs) and enterprise connectors. You can quickly integrate systems and applications with your core billing capabilities for a centralized system. One that enables you to truly optimize your revenue potential. Contact our team today to see how we can help with your Salesforce billing integration.

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