The BillingPlatform Knowledgebase provides all the resources you need to support your billing success.

While BillingPlatform offers one of the most user-friendly and intuitive billing solutions on the market, we realize that our customers may have questions that arise or need readily available resources to help them set up various things as either a user or developer.

This is why we created the BillingPlatform Knowledgebase, a comprehensive library of reference materials that covers everything you need from getting started as a financial user to more advanced IT scenarios. Our Knowledgebase is your one-stop resource for everything you need and is organized into three main categories:

  • User Guide
  • Developer Guide
  • Announcements (Release Notes)

User Guide

Our BillingPlatform User Guide was developed to help every user – from the Finance team to potential users in other departments – customize your billing solution according to your unique needs. Some of the areas covered in the User Guide include:

  • Getting started/set-up best practices
  • Products and how-to’s
  • Accounts and how-to’s
  • Pricing and how-to’s
  • Rates

Developer Guide

As an IT administrator, you might need reference information to configure BillingPlatform specific to your organizational needs . The Knowledgebase offers documentation on key topics, such as:

  • Data Model
  • Custom entities and fields
  • User interface/company branding
  • Workflow
  • APIs

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