Build or Buy: the Benefits of Subscription Management Software

February 18, 2019
Posted on: February 18th, 2019 by Dennis Wall
Multiple Charging Models

Are you unsure whether to build or buy a billing management system? Do the cost savings of creating and supporting your own billing software outweigh the risks? Are you willing to conform to a new business model in order to suit a commercial billing solution?

BillingPlatform makes the build vs. buy decision easy.  We provide a configurable platform capable of adapting to high-volume billing, supported by experienced billing professionals, and agile enough to support any business model.

Watch this video to discover the drawbacks of homegrown and commercial billing solutions. You’ll see how BillingPlatform delivers:

●     Built-in customization tools that fit your enterprise

●     Agility to support your business needs

●     Support for future business changes

Discover more about modern billing practices and BillingPlatform by downloading this whitepaper and see how our agile approach improves your business.

Video Transcript

When it comes to replacing or changing your billing and revenue management system, you may be faced with important decisions about whether to build versus buy. BillingPlatform offers you the best in both options.

If you decide to build your own billing system, your reasoning may be that you can design exactly what you need, specifically developed for your enterprise. This makes sense if you are a technology company and have access to dedicated and talented development resources who have billing expertise. But it may take a lot of time to develop.  

There are additional design risks. You may overlook important considerations that experienced billing system vendors have included through years of trials and experience, such as validation, transaction consistency, rollback, re-rate and more.

If you choose to buy, you can save on development time, and you benefit from all the years of experience and improvements that went into the commercial billing solution. It may make perfect sense for you to adopt the methodology presented by an off-the-shelf solution, purpose-built for what you already do.

But you may also risk compromise. Each solution is built to solve a specific billing problem, which might not include your unique business model. Many off-the-shelf systems are very rigid and inflexible in their billing and rating functionality. Your business may not conform.

With BillingPlatform’s flexible, configurable approach to high-volume billing you get the best of build and the best of buy.

You get a system designed with the depth of knowledge from industry professionals in high volume billing and rating. Built on a platform designed for flexibility and rapid change, the system comes out-of-the-box with all the financial features you need to run a diverse subscription and recurring revenue operation. With built in customization tools, you can use to rapidly accommodate the most challenging and specific billing and rating scenarios in the world.

When you buy BillingPlatform, you're buying an already robust solution that you can also build or extend to suit any business process or future need.

For more information about how BillingPlatform can help you achieve your enterprise monetization goals, visit our website

Author: Dennis Wall
Dennis Wall
Dennis Wall serves as BillingPlatform’s Chief Executive Officer. Previously he was the founder of Cloud Sherpas – a leading cloud technology and advisory services firm. From its early self-funded growth, through strategic investment, multiple acquisitions, global expansion, and triple-digit revenue growth year-over-year, the company was acquired by Accenture in 2015. Prior to Cloud Sherpas, Dennis was the co-founder of OKERE, a global cloud services provider that was acquired by Fujitsu in 2007. Dennis brings more than 20 years of experience enabling companies from mid-market to Global 100 realize transformational change through innovative software and services solutions.
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